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Dean's Hearing

The Dean of Students Office has the discretion to consider and decide outcomes for reports of violations of Norms for Community Living and Policies by means of a Dean’s Hearing.  A Dean's Hearing follows the same procedures as a Community Review Board (CRB) hearing, but is heard by the dean of students, a designee of the Dean of Students Office, or a panel designated by the Dean of Students Office.

A complainant or respondent may request in writing to the Dean of Students Office and CRB advisor that a reported violation of policy be considered at a Dean’s Hearing. The decision to determine findings and sanctions by means of a Dean’s Hearing, whether it is initiated by a student or by the Dean of Students Office or other member of the College community will be made at the sole discretion of the Dean of Students Office. A Dean’s Hearing held in place of a CRB Hearing will follow all of the CRB timelines and procedures. A request for a Dean's Hearing by a complainant or respondent must meet at least one the following minimum criteria to be considered:

  • There is a conflict of interest with multiple board members and there are not enough members to meet quorum who can hear the case from an unbiased perspective (ex. the respondent has close personal relationships with all student board members).
  • The content of the case may not be appropriate to be heard by a particular group (faculty, staff, or student representatives) and quorum cannot be met for the case (ex. the case is academic in nature and all faculty members have significant knowledge of the student's work). 
  • There is a compelling reason why a case should be heard while the CRB is not in session (ex. the complainant is graduating and would not be able to bring the case forward at a later time).