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Fire Safety Prohibited Items

Fire Safety Prohibited Items 
(Visit the Prohibited Items section for a full list of items prohibited in addition to fire safety prohibited items.)
  • Candles and incense are not permitted anywhere inside residential buildings.
  • Space heaters are not permitted in student rooms, with the exception of those provided by the College in response to a problem with the heating system.
  • Use of non-College alarm systems or other than College-issued locks, including locks on storage closets
  • The storage and use of flammable liquids (e.g. gasoline, paint thinner, spray paint, air brushes) and flammable gases (e.g. propane, acetylene), fireworks or other materials that pose an increased fire hazard
  • Halogen lamps are a significant fire safety hazard if there are combustibles too close to the bulb. The use of these lamps is prohibited. Lamps with plastic shades must use compact fluorescent or 40 watt or less bulbs.
  • Open fires (inside or outside) are prohibited on campus, unless prior written approval is granted by the director of campus police and the town fire department
  • Use of grills (charcoal or gas) is not permitted inside or on balconies or exterior stairwells and should be used at least 25 feet away from the building. Propane gas containers must be stored outside, at least 3 feet away from building openings such as doors, windows, dryer vents and air intakes. Barbecues must not be left unattended and must be totally extinguished before leaving.