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Non-Investigatory Measures Available Under the Title IX Grievance Policy

Supportive Measures

Complainants (as defined in prior section), who report allegations that could constitute covered sexual harassment under this policy, have the right to receive supportive measures from Hampshire College regardless of whether they desire to file a complaint, which may include, listed below, as appropriate. Supportive measures are non-disciplinary and non-punitive.

  • Counseling
  • extensions of deadlines or other course-related adjustments
  • modifications of work or class schedules
  • campus escort services
  • restrictions on contact between the parties (no contact directive)
  • changes in work or housing locations
  • leaves of absence
  • increased security and monitoring of certain areas of the campus

Emergency Removal

Hampshire College retains the authority to remove a respondent from Hampshire College's program or activity on an emergency basis, where Hampshire College (1) undertakes an individualized safety and risk analysis and (2) determines that an immediate threat to the physical health or safety of any student or other individual arising from the allegations of covered sexual harassment justifies a removal.

  • Hampshire College's Protocol Team is responsible for making the Risk Assessment and analysis to determine if a removal is justified.

If Hampshire College determines such removal is necessary, the respondent will be provided notice and an opportunity to challenge the decision immediately following the removal. The Dean of Students or designee will hear the removal challenge to make a final determination of the removal.

Administrative Leave
Hampshire College retains the authority to place a non-student employee respondent on administrative leave during the Title IX Grievance Process, consistent with the Hampshire College Employee Handbook.