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Policy Updates

Campus policies are reviewed annually and some policies may be changed, updated, added or deleted. Changes, updates, additions, or deletions generally occur in August prior to the start of the academic year, however some changes or updates may occur throughout the year. Each change is dated for your reference, with new policies effective as of the date listed. This section serves as a summary of changes that may impact students and a link to where to find the new or updated policy. Policy changes will remain on their pages for one year from the date listed. 

Updates are divided between "Community Standards & Policies Updates," which include all the policies listed under Standards for Student Accountability and Norms for Community Living, and "Academic Policy Updates," which include all the policies listed under Academic Policies.

The Dean of Students Office and the Dean of Faculty Office reserve the right to change policy without notice, however it is our practice and goal to inform the community of changes as they occur.