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Policy Updates

Campus policies are reviewed annually and some policies my be changed or updated. Changes or updates generally occur in August prior to the start of the academic year, however some changes or updates may occur throughout the year. Each change is dated for your reference, with new policies effective as of the date listed. This section serves as a summary of changes that may impact students and a link to where to find the changed or updated policy. Policy changes will remain on this page for one year from the date listed. 

Updates are divided between "Student Life Policies," which include all the policies listed under Norms for Community Living and Policies, and "Academic Policies."

Student Life Policies
Alcohol and Other Drug Amnesty Policy - updated 10/23/2013
Previously called the Medical Amnesty Policy, the policy has been updated to reflect our practices as they relate to bystanders and those who call to seek medical attention for someone else. Our practice has been that bystanders and callers who may also be in violation of policy also receive amnesty, however we have added a different process for someone who is a bystander to earn amnesty from someone who has received medical attention. Medical amnesty has not changed.

Appeals Process - updated 8/2013
The appeals process has been reformatted to allow the dean of students to hear appeals for CRB decisions, dean's hearings, panel hearings, and dean's meetings. Previous to the 2013-2014 academic year appeals were heard by the President of the College. Residence Life Violation Meeting appeals will be heard by a designee from the dean of students office other than the senior associate dean of students for residence life (who heard such appeals previously) in order reduce conflict of interest. An option to appeal if evidence becomes available that could not have been available at the time of a hearing has also been added.

Community Review Board - updated 8/2013
The CRB will determine sanctions as opposed to recommending sanctions. More often than not, the dean of students, who recommendations were previously made to, upheld the recommendation of the CRB. The College values the decisions of the board and their ability to make decisions.

Dining and Meal Plans - updated 8/2013
Some shifts in policy have occured as a result of the addition of Bon Appetit as the new dining vendor. Please read the policy in its entirety.

Drug Policy and Medical Marijuana - updated 8/2013
While the use of medical marijuana has been legalized in Massachusetts for those who qualify, federal regulations do not allow Hampshire College to permit the use of marijuana on the campus. For more information about this, see the statement on medical marijuana listed at the bottom of the drug policy.

Intercollegiate Athletics - Added 8/2013
Policies specific to organized team sports and student-athlete participation have been added. These regulations are required by the conferences in which OPRA teams are a part.

Parking and College Vehicle Use - updated 8/2013
A section was added to clarify that the college is not liable for damage of student personal vehicles on campus. This is not a new policy, however it previously was not clearly written as a Hampshire policy, but was covered by Five College Inc. policies. Also, there was an addition of policy for use of vehicles during inclement weather.

Restorative Conferences - Added 8/2013
Restorative conferences are a new addition to the informal conduct process. Overseen by the office of student conduct, rights, and responsibilities, this part of the process allows students who may have harmed other community members to engage in facilitated conversation to come to a resolution. 

Retaliation - added 8/2013
A retaliation policy has been included in our policies as required by discrimination laws for many years. The College recognizes that retaliation could still occur without including dicriminatory acts and therefor a separate policy has been developed.

Sexual Offenses Policy - updated 8/2013
The policy has undergone a review to reorganize information and clarify various aspects of the policy. It is highly recommended that students review all aspects of the policy for complete understanding. Some examples of changes include the addition of a Title IX team to guide students through sexual offense investigation processes, clearer definitions of sexual offense violations, and revisions to the review panel process to allow complainants and respondents to meet with the review panel without being in the same room as the other party.

Student Employment - updated 8/2013
Students qualifying for work study funds have the opportunity to apply for available positions, however, award of work study funds is not a guarantee that a position will be available. This is not a new policy, however it is clarification that work study is an opportunity.

Trespass Policy - updated 8/2013
The trespass policy has been updated to include the governance from the Board of Trustees and Massachusetts state law that permits campus police officers to issue a trespass order. The previous policy only indicated that trespass orders were solely in writing; the updated policy includes the ability of campus police to issue verbal and written trespasses.

Weapons, Firearms, and Explosives - Updated 8/2013
The weapons, firearms, and explosives policy has been updated to further define items that are considered firearms. The policy also includes an additional list of items that are considered weapons and explosives that are prohibited at Hampshire College. This list is not all inclusive, because, as the policy defines, a weapon is "any device or substance that is designed, used, or likely to be used to cause bodily harm, or property damage."

Academic Policies
Ethics of Scholarship - updated 8/2013
A thorough review of Ethics of Scholarship, including Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism policies, was completed during summer 2013. While the changes to the policy are not drastic, defintions were clarified as well as the process for reviewing violations of policy. It is highly recommended that students review this section as well as the subsections wholly to understand the updates to the policy.

Extensions and Leaves of Absense for Division III - updated 8/2013
This section has been updated in various areas, please read the policy in its entirety to have a clear understaning.

Filing Dates and Deadlines for Division II - updated 8/2013
This section has been updated in various areas, please read the policy in its entirety to have a clear understaning.

First- Year Students with Advanced Standing - updated 8/2013
First year entrants beginning with 2013F can receive advanced standing for work completed while enrolled in dual enrollment and early college programs. The policy for 2012F only allowed first year entrants advanced standing for AP and IB exams, and courses taken over the summer between high school prior to matriculation at Hampshire.

Grievance Procedures for Students with Disabilities - updated 8/2013
The policy has not changed, however the process for a grievance against the disibility services coordinator has been updated to reflect a process in line with other academic policy procedures.

Incomplete Policy - updated 8/2013
An earlier deadline has been established both for students to turn in work for an incomplete course, and for faculty to complete the relevant course evaluation.

Service and Assistance Animals - added 8/2013
While not a new policy, this policy is being included in NSNS for the first time.

Transcripts - updated 8/2013
Discipline records will no longer be included on academic transcripts.

Transfer Policy - updated 8/2013
A limit of 4 has been placed on the number of AP and IB exams accepted in transfer for transfer students in Division I where prior there was none. The exams may be used for elective credit only. Prior policy allowed the exams to be used for both distribution requirements and electives.