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Norms for Community Living & Policies Updates - Last Update 8/18/17

Access & Use of Facilities & Grounds - updated 8/18/17
Information regarding the removal of installations, art works, posters, writings, and other projects that have not been approved through the student projects process has been added.

Conduct Meeting - updated 8/18/17
Clear expectations for when an outcome will be sent to a student (within 5 business days) and communication when that is extended has been added.

Conduct Process - updated 8/18/17
The conduct process has been updated to reflect that any time a responsible outcome could result in loss of housing, suspension, or expulsion, a student will meet with the Community Review Board (CRB) to determine the outcome.

  • Conduct Meeting & Hearing Options - updated 8/18/17
    The flowchart on this page has been revised to reflect that in some instance (above), students will meet to discuss the CRB process and not have a Conduct Meeting.

Deferred Status Sanctions - updated 8/18/17
An additional deferred status sanction has been added specifically for students who live in on campus housing.

Dining & Meal Plans - updated 8/18/17
Added information about Meal Swaps, DC & Bridge hours, and replacement OneCards.

Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation Policy - updated 8/18/17
This policy has undergone a complete revision, including its two sub pages. Most notably the grievance procedure has been updated. It is strongly recommended that you review this policy in full to understand the full extent of the updates.

Fire Safety - updated 8/18/17
Added to open burning - Other open burning, including sage and other cleansing rituals, are not permitted in residence halls without the explicit written permission of the Office of Spiritual Life. This is not a new policy, but was not clear in previous versions of the Handbook.

Informal Conduct Process - updated 8/18/17
References to Restorative Conferencing have been removed; there, at the time of publication of the Hampshire College Student Handbook, were not any staff at Hampshire trained in this type of informal resolution process.

Parking/Vehicle Policies - added 8/18/17
A summer parking policy for students has been added.

Pets, Service, & Support Animals on Campus - updated 8/18/17
Added wording related to certifying a dog in training and elements needed to provide documentation of any animal on campus to the HOO, and changed weight limit to 35 lbs. Also added that students must provide a photo of their pet.

Post Office - updated 8/18/17
Students MUST have their name and box # on mail and packages. Delays may occur otherwise.

Residence Life & Housing - updated 8/18/17
Policies on the main Residence Life & Housing policy page have not changed, though the policies listed below on the sub pages have. It is strongly recommended that all residential students thoroughly review all Residence Life & Housing policies and updates.

  • Residence Closing - All non-graduating students must vacate their residence at the end of the advising/progress review period. Previously all students were permitted to remain in housing at the end of the spring semester through 10 AM on the day after commencement. Graduating students will still be permitted to remain in housing through 10AM on the day after commencement. Please note, the change to the Residence Closing policy is under review. Until further notice, all students must vacate their residence by 10AM on the day after commencement.
  • Room Condition & Upkeep - No significant policy change. Edits clarify that bathrooms are considered common area spaces, Residence Life staff and HOO staff conduct inspections, and that trash must be cleaned from lounges.
  • Social Events in Res Halls - This policy has not changed, however students hosting parties may need to attend a workshop in order to qualify to be a host.
  • Storage - Storage is only available on a limited basis over the summer for continuing students. Previously storage was available on a first-come, first-served basis and is now available by application only.

Sexual Misconduct, Relationship Violence, and Stalking Policy - updated 8/18/17
Largely, the policy has not changed, though there are areas listed below that outline significant updates. It is crucial that all community members, including students, read and become familiar with this policy each year. Each section of the policy and appedices is no longer separated out in the Student Handbook, rather the associated links direct you to a PDF document that all community members have access to.

  • Policy: Significant updates have been made to the Relationship Violence and Retaliation definitions as well as to the Prevention & Awareness Programs section. 
  • Appendix A: Further clarification of who responsible employees are.
  • Appendix B: Further clarification of who responsible employees are.
  • Contact information for the Title IX team has been updated to reflect new positions, titles, and office locations in the policy and appendices.

Student Employment - updated 8/18/17
Updated the hourly wage information.

Student Group Activities - updated 8/18/17
Minor changes to language about advertising, as well as adding in FundCom rather than HSU for funding information. Other minor changes were made regarding quiet hours, and a few changes to the info on when events can take place.



Drug Policy - updated 1/18/17
The policy on possession of drugs and paraphernalia has not changed; language has been modified to clarify the state and legal laws. As of December 15, 2016 marijuana was legalized for those over the age of 21 in Massachusetts, however possession and use of marijuana and paraphernalia is still illegal, because the College is subject to federal laws, including the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act and the Drug Free Workplace Act, that require recipients of federal funds to prohibit the use, possession and cultivation of marijuana at educational institutions, regardless of state law. 

Sexual Misconduct, Relationship Violence, and Stalking Policy - updated 1/18/17
The policy has not changed. Contact information for the Title IX team has been updated to reflect new positions, titles, and office locations.

Off Campus Housing - updated 11/8/16
Effective for new students enrolling for the spring 2017 semester, students must be 17 years of age by February 1 (September 1 for fall entrants) to live on campus. This only applies to new entrants, any students currently enrolled who may be under 17 by 2/1/17 may live in campus housing.