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Visitors and Overnight Guests


Students may invite guests into their residence permitted they will accompany them at all times, it is agreed upon by modmates, and it is allowed for in their modmate agreement. Students are permitted to have overnight guests in their residence as long as the host is on campus during that time. Hosts must register their guests, indicating the length of the visit, which may never exceed one (1) week at a time or more than fifteen (15) days cumulatively in a semester, even if the guest has had more than one host. Students are allowed to have a maximum of one overnight guest on campus at a time. Guests’ vehicles must be registered with campus safety and wellbeing as specified in the parking policy.

All visitors and overnight guests are expected to abide by Hampshire College’s Norms for Community Living, this includes not bringing an animal into the residence unless it is a registered service animal. Responsibility for the behavior and safety of guests lies with the host. Any damage caused by a visitor/guest, whether or not they have been registered, will be the responsibility of the host. Any visitor/guest whose behavior is disruptive will be required to leave campus.

Overnight guests are not permitted over winter and summer intersessions unless specified in the application process for those requesting and approved to stay during that period.