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Alcohol and Other Drugs


In Massachusetts the drinking and marijuana use age is 21. Though marijuana has been legalized, marijuana is not permitted at any educational institution that receives federal funding, including Hampshire College. Hampshire is committed to providing support and assistance to students struggling with issues related to alcohol or other drug use. Students who come forward to actively seek help when they are concerned about their own use or that of their friends and/or acquaintances may qualify to earn Alcohol & Other Drug Amnesty or educational and restorative accountability measures if found responsible for a violation. Students will still be expected to work with the College to develop a plan to address these issues, and to take responsibility for any negative impact their behaviors have had on others or the environment (e.g., property damage, noise complaints, medical transports). Students are not absolved of responsibility for violations of community standards committed under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Both on- and off-campus support and informational resources are available for students seeking help for substance use issues, and a listing of these resources can be found at

Within the Alcohol and the Other Drug Policy, you will find guiding information about violations of policies as well as the range of outcomes for single and recurrent violations.