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Access and Use of Facilities and Grounds


Building and Roof Access
Students may not access buildings after closing hours (hours vary per building). Should a student have permission to access a building after closing hours, campus safety & wellbeing should be contacted to grant access. Students are not permitted on roofs except as necessary for emergency evacuation.

Summer Access to Campus Facilities and Grounds
Students may visit campus offices during summer business hours following the office’s procedures for appointments or drop-ins. Students wishing to access academic spaces at any time during the summer need permission of the faculty overseeing their work. Students wanting access to other campus facilities at any time, or campus grounds outside of business hours need authorization from the appropriate office or department in advance. Offices granting access should notify campus safety and wellbeing that permission has been granted for the student, including the approved date(s) and time(s) for which access has been approved. Hampshire does not provide guaranteed housing for students over the summer as residences are closed.

Hampshire College students may not have access to the following services during the summer: media services, TV studio and editing facilities, Dining Services, Health & Counseling Services, student activities, and more.

Access to Five College Physical and Recreational Facilities
Physical and recreational facilities at each of the Five Colleges are available year-round to Five College students only if they are registered in a physical education class at that college. These classes will be arranged through administrators of each program and limited to class time only. Arrangements for fee-funded courses and use of special facilities such as ice rinks, swimming pools, stables, and tennis courts will be made through the proper authorities at each school, and the rules and regulations for use will be determined by the host school.

Camping on Hampshire College property is not allowed without the express written permission of the assistant director of campus safety and wellbeing. Those allowed to camp on College property must have proper working knowledge of, and training from, the Hampshire College Environmental Health and Safety Director. Individuals are responsible for providing all necessary fire and personal safety equipment that may be required by the College.

Chalking Policy
Chalking is permitted on any outside ground surface that is exposed to the elements (i.e. horizontal walking surfaces that rain and snow fall on). Chalking is prohibited inside campus buildings and outside on non-ground surfaces including, but not limited to, walls and windows of campus buildings, signs, trees, poles, and other structures.

Postering Policy
Posters are permitted only on bulletin boards not designated for other purposes. Students are encouraged to use the bulletin boards under the walkway along the west wall of Franklin Patterson Hall and the north wall of the Harold F. Johnson Library Center, underneath the bridge, and in the RW Kern Center vestibule. Posters placed anywhere but upon designated bulletin boards may be removed regardless of content. Students are expected to remove posters after an advertised event has taken place. Posters that do not pertain to an event that occurs on a specific date will be removed on the last working day of each month. The College reserves the right to remove any posters that are not related to college sponsored activities or events.

Project Review
Student projects that may impact the physical campus, pose a health, safety or environmental hazard, or otherwise increase the College’s institutional risk require review and approval by applicable campus offices. Please visit the student project approval HampEngage page to view the updated online project review process. Examples of projects requiring approval: installations of art or other structures on campus (other than gallery approved exhibits), creating new garden space, and performances in other than regular theater spaces. 

Installations, art works, posters, writings, and other projects that have not been approved through the student project approval process may be removed by the College at any time.