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Civil Behavior & Disruption

All students have the right to an educational environment that is supportive of the learning process. Behavior that interferes with the learning process of students, whether in or out of the classroom, is prohibited. Substantial disruptions or repeated incidents that prevent students from being able to undertake their academic pursuits are subject to referral for review under the Formal Conduct Process. Behaviors that may result in a Conduct Meeting include, but are not limited to:

  • exhibiting little or no control in adhering to College policies
  • inability to carry out the normal routine of campus life
  • threatening to harm[1]
  • disrupting the living and/or learning environment on campus
  • placing consistent unrealistic expectations on the time and energy of other students, faculty, and/or

[1]Hampshire College recognizes that certain life threatening behavior (e.g. suicide threats, gestures or attempts; eating disorders; substance abuse; threats, gestures or attempts to harm others) are signs of personal distress. The College is committed to helping students reduce whatever stress factors are precipitating life-threatening behavior by providing support and/or referral through use of appropriate resources. However, since it is critically important to maintain civility and respect for all members of the College community, it is recognized that referral to the Formal Conduct Process must occur when such behavior is considered by the College to be disruptive and unacceptable in the academic and/or social/ living environments. Students will always be afforded the opportunity to engage with resources and work with the Dean of Students Office to establish clear expectations for future behavior.