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Pets and other animals, with the exception of service animals and assistance animals approved in accordance with the College’s policyare prohibited in all residence buildings. Residents are also prohibited from keeping or providing for animals on college property, and visiting animals must be kept outdoors on a leash at all times in the presence of the owner. Hosts are responsible for cleaning up after any visiting animals. Visiting is defined as temporary, short term (less than a day), and occasional (no more than three times per term). Students who violate this policy are subject to disciplinary actionincluding seizure of animals when students fail to heed warnings and other attempts to resolve concerns with animals found in the residences. Students will bear any associated cost to the College or any of its employees or agents, whether because of damage to property owned by the College or others or because of any claim brought against the College by any person because of injury, illness, or other reason as a result of the student having brought an animal onto campus, regardless of whether the animal is in violation of this policy.