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Sexual Offenses

Hampshire College defines a sexual offense as any unwanted sexual conduct that occurs without consent. Definitions of all types of sexual offenses in which a student could be named in a complaint are listed in the defintions section of this policy.

Hampshire College takes sexual offenses very seriously, as they are a violation of the Norms for Community Living and Policies.  This policy prohibits sexual offenses, whether perpetrated by students, faculty, staff, or visitors to the campus, and regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.

All Hampshire College community members have the right to personal and sexual safety, respect, integrity, and freedom of expression, as long as such expression does not cause harm to others. Hampshire College will make every effort to protect these rights, and will not tolerate any form of sexual offense.

Title IX prohibits sexual harassment, including sexual offenses as defined in this policy.  The College is committed to responding promptly and equitably to all reported incidents of sexual harassment or sexual offenses and to taking the necessary steps to end reported harassment or assault, prevent its recurrence and address its effects.

Sexual offenses as defined in this policy by Hampshire College may also be prohibited under state and federal laws and may be prosecuted in the criminal justice system, though legal definitions of a sexual offense may differ from the definitions of sexual offenses adopted by the Hampshire community. An individual may pursue campus resolution, criminal investigation and prosecution, or both campus and criminal resolution.  Pursuing campus resolution options does not preclude one from pursuing criminal action now or in the future, and vice versa.

Hampshire College is committed to creating a violence-free campus, developing and implementing violence-prevention strategies, and providing victim/survivors with support, services, and information about their options for taking action or seeking resolution. Hampshire encourages students to report offenses; a victim/survivor of sexual assault does not need to worry about facing charges for underage alcohol consumption when reporting an offense, as Hampshire’s primary concern is maintaining students’ safety.

Retaliating against any person who participates in any complaint under this policy is strictly prohibited and may result in discipline or sanctions, including suspension or termination (or expulsion).

In the Event of a Sexual Offense
Despite our best efforts to maintain safety in the community, sexual offenses still occur. There are a number of resources available to help you get the support, information, and services that you need.

Anyone can utilize these resources and make a report; it is appropriate to use these resources if you: 

  • Are a Hampshire student and experienced a sexual offense on or off campus
  • Are not a Hampshire student, but you experienced, or are aware of, a sexual offense that involved a member of the Hampshire community or occurred on the Hampshire campus
  • Want information, support, or referrals regarding sexual assault, whether it is for yourself or for someone else