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Handbook Archives


Below you will find older PDF versions of the Hampshire College Student Handbook. Students are responsible for following academic program guidelines from their year of entrance.

Note: Students seeking readmission who have been away from the College for four or more years will follow policies and deadlines in effect at the time of readmission.

Non Satis Non Scire
Prior to the 2014-2015 academic year the title of the Hampshire College Student Handbook was "Non Satis Non Scire," the Latin phrase for not to know is not enough, a witty pun on our College motto (Non Satis Scire, to know is not enough). With the evolution of the Student Handbook from an annually published hard copy book to a comprehensive website, community members began to increasingly express confusion on just what exactly Non Satis Non Scire was, and the simple answer was, the Hampshire College Student Handbook. To relieve confusion, the student handbook will no longer be referred to as Non Satis Non Scire (NSNS), however archived versions through the 2013-2014 academic year will reflect this title. Non Satis Non Scire continues to be used as the tag line for the Hampshire College Student Handbook.