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Vandalism and Damage to Property

Maintaining and preserving the private property of individuals as well as the resources of the College (including its grounds, academic buildings, residences, furnishings, dining facilities, associated structures and infrastructure) are the responsibility of all members of the College community. College resources are provided to benefit the entire community, and must be maintained so that no one is denied their right to the proper resources. This right is possessed not only by those who are students now, but also by those who will be students in the future.

Damage, destruction, or defacement of College or personal property of others (due either to malice or to extreme carelessness) is unacceptable behavior. Some of this behavior may also be consider vandalism, defined as willfully or maliciously destroying, disfiguring, and/or defacing any public or private property, without the consent of the owner or College.

Students will be assessed the cost of any vandalism or damage, and that cost will be charged to the student’s College account.