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Accountability Measures for Alcohol & Other Drug Violations

In determining appropriate accountability measures, the College is committed to providing consistency to students in violation of similar policies, while recognizing the circumstance and impact varies greatly for individual students. All outcomes and sanctions are guided by principles found in our Norms for Community Living and Standards for Student Accountability:

  1. Providing students with the tools to live and learn in a healthy and safe community
  2. Promoting individual growth, accountability for behavior, and informed decision making

Students that violate policies, such as possession of alcohol underage, possession of drug paraphernalia, or possessing an open container in a public space will be expected to meet with a staff member in the Dean of Students Office of Residence Life, and if found responsible will likely be connected and referred to an on-campus office (i.e., Preveniton & Education, Health & Counseling Services, etc.), community resource, or program and workshop as part of the educational and accountability process.

Students who have more severe policy violations, repeat violations, and/or those with a greater impact on the community will also be eligible for alcohol and other drug circles, additional individualized educational sanctions, participation in our BASICS program, and may also receive a Deferred Status Accountability Measure.

Students transported to the hospital for alcohol and other drug overuse/abuse may qualify for alcohol and other drug amnesty. In order to earn amnesty, the student must meet with an administrator, as requested by the administrator, for a brief Intervention meeting and successfully complete the BASICS program.  Students who are of legal age to consume alcohol and are transported for overuse/abuse may also qualify for alcohol and other drug amnesty.

Continued violations of policy including those that cause significant concern for community members will require additional meetings with College administrators, and if found responsible will result in additional General Sanctions, Housing Sanctions and/or Disciplinary Status Sanctions.

Administrative hearing officers have the right to deviate from these sanctioning guidelines if after meeting with a student a different path would be more beneficial to the student’s growth and success. Sanction definitions specific to alcohol and other drugs can be found here.