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Alcohol and Other Drug Accountability Measures

Typically students will receive one or a combination of the following accountability measures for violation of the Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) community standards and policies. Depending on the severity of a violation or if other types of violations occurred in addition to an alcohol and other drug violation, additional accountability measures may also be applied from any of the accountability measures sections.

AOD Discussion Circle 
AOD Discussion Circles are used to provide an opportunity for students to engage with peers who may have also violated AOD community standard policeis and to have a discussion with a facilitator about how their decisions related to alcohol or other drug use or other similar experiences impact them and their communities. 

BASICS is a non-judgmental, non-moralistic harm reduction approach to understanding the role of alcohol and drugs in one's life.  It is composed of two individual sessions and is a great way for students to learn more about their relationship with substances.  When assigned as a requirement to earn Alcohol and Other Drug Amnesty, BASICS is not a part of the student's community standards record. BASICS is administered and managed through Hampshire College Health and Counseling Services.

Brief Intervention
A Brief Intervention is a conversation with a student affairs staff member to discuss alcohol and other drug use and its impact on the individual. When required to earn Alcohol and Other Drug Amnesty, a Brief Intervention is not a part of the student's community standards record.

AOD Impact Interview
Students assigned an AOD impact interview will be required to interview others and write a reflection based on their personal reflection related to alcohol or other drug use and the reflection of others. A community standards administrator or CSRB will specify length and other parameters of the assignment.

Online Educational Courses/Workshops
Online courses that are individually tailored modules that provide students the opportunity to examine a variety of key issues such as effects on health, drinking and driving, state-specific laws, alcohol/prescription interactions, marijuana dependence, effects of marijuana, mental health issues, synthetic marijuana, local laws and legalization issues, and legal penalties associated with use. If assigned it comes at no cost to the student and additional instructions are provided.