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Housing Sanctions


Housing sanctions apply only to students who live on campus and may be combined with additional sanctions from any of the sanction sections as appropriate for the violation.

Housing Lottery Restriction
A student is not allowed to take part in the housing lottery. The Office of Residence Life and Student Engagement will oversee the housing of the student in an available room after the lottery has ended.

Housing Relocation/Administrative Move
A student will be required to move from their housing assignment. The administrator or board assigning the sanction will determine whether the student will then be administratively reassigned or whether the student will be able to submit housing preferences.

Removal from Campus Housing
When removed from campus housing, a student may remain an actively enrolled student but is allowed to use only the academic resources of the College. The student is required to live off campus and to use only the buildings and resources necessary to complete academic work. This sanction includes a complete forfeiture of all paid housing fees and may also include forfeiture of any paid dining service fees or meal plan fees; exclusion from the dining hall will be determined at the discretion of the board or administrator assigning the sanction.