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Rights and Responsibilities in Formal Resolution Meetings & Hearings


Students, student organizations, and athletic teams in all types of hearings have the right to:

  • Be provided with an opportunity to review any documents submitted to the community standards administrator, community standards review board (CSRB), Dean of Students Office, and Office of Community Standards and Student Accountability that will be used to determine responsibility, findings, and outcomes.
  • Appear before a community standards administrator or CSRB and have an opportunity to discuss the alleged policy violations being addressed and reviewed through the formal resolution process.
  • Receive timely notification of when the formal resolution hearing will occur, which will be received at least seven (7) working days.
  • Meet with a community standards administrator before the formal resolution hearing to ask questions to help prepare for the hearing and seek guidance and/or to be connected to campus student support services and resources.
  • Have a support person with them for all pre/post hearing meetings and during the hearing.
  • Receive timely notification of the outcome of their hearing, which will be received at least two (2) to three (3) working days after the hearing, unless notified by a community standards administrator or CSRB that additional time is needed to conduct a review. If so, be provided an updated timeline of when you will receive the outcome and findings.
  • Appeal on appropriate grounds as explained in the Appeals Policy

Reporting Individual Rights
Students, faculty, and staff who report an alleged community standards policy violation have the right to request to be active participants in matters and incidents in which their rights may have been violated through conversation with the community standards administrator reviewing the matter and through the Community Standards Review Board (CSRB) should the individual reporting the community standards violation choose that option. Rights for the reporting individuals specific to CSRB hearings are listed in that section. Administrative hearings do not involve active participation by the reporting party during the meeting, however, a community standards administrator may choose to contact a reporting individual for further information in determining their findings.

Additional Rights and Responsibilities
Depending on the alleged violation and the process for which the incident and/or matter is being addressed and resolved, the reporting individual and the student(s), student organization, or athletic team may have additional rights. Please review each of the processes - administrative hearingCSRB hearingsexual misconduct, relationship violence and stalking policy hearing section (for cases in which the individual is also a student, procedures for employee respondent can be found here) - for a full understanding of rights and responsibilities.