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Supporter Expectations

Complainants and respondents may be accompanied to Conduct Meetings and hearings by one support person who is a current faculty, staff, or student member of the Hampshire community. For cases involving the Sexual Misconduct, Relationship Violence, and Stalking Policy supporters do not need to be members of the Hampshire College community (see the supporter information in the Sexual Misconduct, Relationship Violence, and Stalking Policy for more information).

Multiple support persons may attend any pre- and post-hearing meetings at the discretion of the conduct administrator facilitating the meeting. Support persons who are not members of the community may participate in all pre- and post-hearing meetings. Additional support persons can be available outside of the hearing room for consultation during a hearing.

Supporters are expected to respect the rights to privacy of the student they are supporting as well as any others involved. If a supporter is a responsible reporter they must still report as required.

During a Conduct Meeting
The supporter's role during a conduct meeting is to support the student and to play a passive role in the discussion. The supporter may not speak on behalf of a student, nor be disruptive to the meeting.The primary discussion in a Conduct Meeting is with the student, however there may be space for the supporter to ask questions at the discretion of the Conduct Meeting administrator.

During a Hearing
The supporter's role is to support the student and may not question the other party or any witnesses. The supporter may not speak on behalf of a student, nor be disruptive to the hearing. Supporters are not permitted to talk at a hearing, except to the student they are supporting and to state their name and role for an audio record. The student can request a break if additional time to talk privately with their supporter is needed. A supporter may be required to leave the proceedings if that supporter fails to follow the procedures of the board.

For more information on how to prepare to be a support person visit the Office of Student Conduct, Rights, & Responsibilities.