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Parking/Vehicle Policies

Personal Vehicles on Campus


The College is not responsible for, nor will it pay any claims for, damages to student-owned vehicles resulting from falling ice, snow, tree limbs, or any other natural occurrence or event on its property or elsewhere, whether or not the possibility of such an event is warned against. The College is not responsible for, nor will it pay any losses, claims, or other damages, to student-owned vehicles resulting from vandalism, collision, or other acts by any person, other than damage caused directly by its employees. See the personal vehicle section of the Five Colleges Inc. website for more information. Reckless driving and driving on walkways, fields, and other areas of campus not intended for regular auto traffic is prohibited. Students reported for reckless driving will be referred to the office of student rights and responsibilities.


Registering Your Vehicle

In order for campus safety and security to regulate and manage motor vehicles on campus students who want to bring, operate, or park a motor vehicle, motorcycle, or moped on the Hampshire College campus must do the following: 

  1. Complete a motor vehicle registration form on The Hub. Do not use “N/A” or “none” on this form (incomplete forms will not be processed).
  2. Your parking decal will be mailed to your campus mailbox.
  3. Students who are non-residents of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with vehicles not registered in Massachusetts must complete the non-resident Driver Vehicle Statement Form in addition to the above. Print this form; you will need it when you pick up your non-resident driver parking decal. Do not use “N/A” or “none” on this form (incomplete forms will not be processed).


Five College Students


Non–Hampshire College students enrolled in classes on our campus who are requesting a parking decal must complete a proof of registration form and bring it to the central records office on the first floor of the Lemelson Center for Design to obtain a signature. Bring this signed form, your student ID, and your vehicle registration to the parking office at the rear of the library to obtain a parking decal. These decals are free of charge. The Five College student decal is valid for any Hampshire College student parking lot.


Accessible Parking

Accessible parking is located throughout the Hampshire campus. A valid Hampshire parking decal is required in addition to a handicapped placard to utilize accessible parking in any lots requiring a decal. Any student in need of long-term or permanent accessible parking should visit their state’s motor vehicle department to learn about acquiring a placard for accessible parking. More information about applying in the state of Massachusetts can be found with the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

Temporary Accessible Parking

Students in need of temporary accessible parking due to an injury or other short-term, disability-related circumstance may request a temporary parking pass through the office of accessibility resources and services (OARS).

Decal Fee

Students are not allowed to have any unregistered vehicle(s) on campus. Student vehicles must be registered within five (5) business days of arrival on campus. A valid driver’s license and a valid vehicle registration are required in order to receive a parking decal. Insurance must have your name on the policy. A student can have only one vehicle registered on campus at a time. The parking decal fee is $170.00 per academic year, $100.00 off campus (fall/spring term). The replacement decal fee is $10.00. These fees will be charged directly to your student account. A vehicle is not considered registered until the parking decal is affixed to the vehicle according to the decal placement sheet you will receive when obtaining your decal. Vehicles not registered within seven days are subject to being towed without warning at the owner’s expense. All parking issues should be directed to campus safety and security.

Decal Returns

Parking decals are nontransferable and must be affixed to the vehicle for which they are issued. When you change vehicles or license plates you will need a replacement decal. If you sell or dispose of your vehicle, you must contact first deactivate the previous decal and then register another vehicle on the hub.

Parking Lots

Student vehicles must be parked in the designated student parking lots identified by a parking sign that reads "student parking only." Student vehicles will be ticketed when parked in other parking lots/spaces. Each student lot has a section for faculty/staff and visitors. These are not student parking spaces. Only registered student vehicles can be parked in the student parking spaces. Students should not park in areas marked "snow removal."

Can’t Find a Space?

Contact campus safety and security at 413.559.5424 if you cannot find a space in your designated lot. Do not park illegally.

Restricted Parking

Vehicles parked in restricted areas (e.g., fire lanes, bus stops), unregistered vehicles, or vehicles that are parked in violation of parking regulations are subject to being towed without warning at the owner’s expense. 

Summer Parking

Students with vehicles who are living or working on campus for the summer must register their vehicles with the campus safety and security office. The decal fee is $30.00 for the summer. The replacement fee is $10.00. These fees are charged directly to your student account. A vehicle is not considered registered until the parking decal is affixed to the vehicle according to the decal placement sheet you will receive when obtaining your decal.

There is no summer parking available for students who are not housed or working on campus. Vehicles may not be stored on campus at any time. Vehicles displaying evidence of non-use will be ticketed and towed.

Loss of Parking Privileges

Students who show a continual disregard for parking and/or driving regulations risk losing the privilege of having a vehicle on campus. The dean of student’s office, upon recommendation by campus safety and security, may make this decision.


Vehicles are ticketed when parked or driven contrary to the Norms for Community Living. Citations range from $20.00 to $100.00, depending on the violation. Fines are billed directly to a student’s account. Non-students, visitors and anyone with unregistered who have their vehicles ticketed should mail their payment to Hampshire College, campus safety and security, 893 West St., Amherst, MA 01002.


Citations may be appealed by completing a parking appeal form on TheHub within five (5) business days from the time the citation was issued. Questions can be directed to the campus safety and security office at any time.

Student Temporary Parking

You must obtain a temporary permit if your vehicle will be on campus only for up to six weeks: 1 week, $10.00; 6 weeks, $60.00 (maximum). You must park in student-designated parking. If your vehicle will be on campus for more than six weeks, you are required to purchase a student parking decal for $85 per semester.

Visitor/Guest Temporary Parking

All visitors and guests are required to provide campus safety and security with the vehicle’s make, model, color, and license plate number to be issued a temporary parking permit. The permit must be visibly displayed in the vehicle; the vehicle must be assigned a parking lot. If you are visiting a student, the host student must be present (with a valid student ID) when applying for a temporary parking permit. There is no cost for a visitor temporary parking pass.

Temporary Parking Permit Needed

A permit is needed Monday through Friday 8 a.m.– 4 p.m. 

Temporary Parking Permit Not Needed

If you are a visitor on campus after 4 p.m. and leave before 8 a.m., you do not need a permit. You must park in visitor parking only. If you are a visitor after 5 p.m. on Friday and stay through Sunday (out by 8 a.m. Monday), you do not need a permit; however, you must park in visitor parking only.

Parking business is conducted at the campus safety office.

Campus safety and security is on the ground floor of the Harold F. Johnson Library Center, accessible from the rear entrance. Contact 413.559.6151 or