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Dining and Meal Plans

Meal Plan 
All students living in merrill and dakin as well as first-year/first-semester mod students are required to be on the full meal plan. Meal plans are subject to change each year, and information about meal plan options is available from the dining services office or the dining options, meal plans, and bookstore purchases page. Meal plans are not transferable and are to be used only by the meal plan holder. Students must have their meal card to enter the dining commons. Students will be asked to retrieve their card if they arrive without it. 

If you need assistance, have questions regarding meal plan options, or have lost your card, please visit the OneCard office on the ground floor of the library next to the campus police parking office.

** Effective beginning fall 2017 the meal plan previously referred to as the “Unlimited Meal Plan” is now described as the “Full Meal Plan”. This updated description more accurately reflects the intent and functionality of the plan providing participants with one-time access to each of the 19 all-you-can-eat meal periods each week in the dining commons.

Meal Swaps
Meal swaps may be used at the bridge cafe instead of the dining hall, Monday-Friday during the lunch period only 11:30 a.m.- 4 p.m.

Entering and Exiting Dining Commons

Students with full meal plans are allowed into the dining commons one-time during each of the 19 all-you-can-eat meal periods each week in the dining commons. Guests are not permitted to enter the dining room unless they have paid for that meal. Food may not be taken from the dining commons and must be consumed inside. This is out of concern for possible foodborne illnesses, as well as our ability to maintain the program and standards of service required at the College.

Dress Code
Everyone entering the dining commons is required to wear a shirt and shoes at all times. We ask that all clothes be clean to ensure proper sanitation.

Meal Plan Waivers
Waivers from the College meal plan are rarely granted. Bon Appetit, our dining services provider, offers a wide range of dietary options and is able to provide food choices tailored to most individual needs. Students have the right to request waivers or modifications of the meal plan based on a documented disability or disabilities.

Before requesting a formal accommodation, students should consult with the Bon Appetit dietitian to learn about the options available to them to meet their needs directly within the dining hall. If it is determined that a student’s needs cannot be met or can only be partially met in the dining hall, the dietitian will share their recommendations with the office of accessibility resources and services (OARS) and will refer the student to the housing accommodation request process.

OARS, in consultation with relevant Hampshire College professionals, will review the student’s self-report and disability-related documentation to determine if the student is entitled to reasonable accommodations due to a disability. This is typically in the form of a meal plan modification or waiver. Such a waiver or modification will not automatically result in a change in a student's housing assignment. Timelines for the request process for upcoming semesters can be found on the housing accommodation request page. Students needing accommodation consideration off-cycle can submit their request to OARS for review at any time, but there is no guarantee that any approved accommodations will be applied retroactively to the current semester. Any waivers or meal plan modifications granted are for the duration of the remainder of the current or upcoming academic year.