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Financial Aid

For detailed information about our aid programs and policies, our application process, due dates, and links to forms, outside resources, agencies, and federal websites visit the Satisfactory Academic Progress and Financial Aid section. A brief description of some of the most important financial aid features are included below.

Aid Policies
Students who enroll as dependent students are considered dependent throughout their Hampshire career. U.S. citizens and permanent resident aliens who did not receive a grant from the College upon their initial enrollment are not eligible to apply until their second year of enrollment. International students who did not receive a grant from the College upon their initial enrollment are not eligible during their Hampshire career, even if there is a change in circumstance or currency exchange rates.

Students not on a full meal plan will have a reduction in their cost of attendance and their Hampshire Grant. Students living at home with their parent(s) will have a larger reduction in their cost of attendance and their corresponding Hampshire Grant eligibility. Please contact the financial aid office for more details.

Please review our Satisfactory Academic Progress and Financial Aid section for more information about other financial aid policies.

Aid Eligibility
Students must demonstrate financial need and must be making satisfactory academic progress according to the guidelines of the College. Need is the difference between the cost of a Hampshire education and the amount a student and family can reasonably be expected to contribute. The expected family contribution consists of a contribution from the parents, a portion of the student’s savings and assets, and a summer earnings expectation from the student. 

Students must be making satisfactory academic progress according to the College's guidelines to be eligible for financial aid (federal, state, and institutional awards including merit scholarships). The center for academic support and advising (CASA) and the financial aid office will measure academic progress once per year at the end of the spring semester. 

Aid Application Process
All financial aid students (except international students) need to reapply for financial aid each year. We use the CSS Profile to determine eligibility for institutional aid for international students. For U.S. citizens and permanent residents the FAFSA form is use to determine eligibility for federal, state, and institutional aid including federal student loans, federal and state grants, and federal work-study. Students applying for fall term institutional aid must provide the necessary financial aid forms to the financial aid office by May 1. Students applying for aid for the spring term only must submit these forms by December 1. Renewal application reminders are mailed in the spring; new applicants may notify the financial aid office that they wish to apply.  If the Profile or FAFSA results are received after the due date there will be a reduction to the Hampshire Grant.

Be sure to review your online financial aid account on TheHub to review the status of your aid application and check for missing documents; click on the "my financial aid" link; log in again; be sure the appropriate year is showing in the drop down box in the top right corner, click on the "menu" icon in the upper left corner, and then click on the "my documents" tab. 

Students selected for the verification process need to provide all required forms and data, including those for the verification process, before a financial aid award is determined.

Non-custodial parents are not required to complete the non-custodial profile for renewal applications but may request a review of their financial situation when a significant change has occurred. First time financial aid applications from current students will require the non-custodial profile, if applicable.  Please contact the financial aid office for details.

Aid Decisions
After we receive all of your required documents and data for your aid application, we will review your application and determine if we can provide you with need-based aid (Hampshire Grant).  On-time applicants will be notified of their financial aid decisions by the end of June; late applicants will be notified after their aid application becomes complete. You will be sent an email to your Hampshire email account directing you to your online financial aid account on TheHUB to review your financial aid awards; instructions on how to view your account will be included in the email notification.  Awards are “packaged” to include a student loan recommendation, a work-study opportunity, and grant assistance. You must also accept your awards on TheHUB to authorize us to post them to your College bill and to originate and disburse your federal aid. The self-help (loan and work) components of your award will increase each year as you progress toward your degree. 

Student Loans
Students are eligible for a student loan even if they are not receiving other assistance. Students not awarded but interested in a student loan must notify this office of the loan amount.  Hampshire participates in the Federal William D. Ford Direct Loan Program. The FAFSA is the application for this loan program. Annual loan limits are $5500 for first-year students (0 - 6 successfully completed courses); $6500 for second-year (7 - 12 courses); and $7500 beginning with the third year (third year = 13 - 18 courses; fourth year = 19+ courses). After all of the loan paperwork is completed, the loan will be disbursed to your student account. First-time borrowers are required to participate in the entrance counseling session and sign a master promissory note before their loans can be disbursed. Students are also required to participate in an exit counseling session when leaving Hampshire. Student rights, responsibilities, and obligations will be explained during both entrance and exit sessions.  Hampshire College adheres to a strict Code of Conduct related to student loans.

Financial Aid Office
If you have any questions about the financial aid application process or our policies please contact us by phone at 413.559.5484; by email at, visit our website at or drop by our office.  We are located on the second floor of the Kern Center.

If you need to send documents to the financial aid office be sure to write your name and/or Hampshire ID number on each document.  You may securely fax documents to 413.559.5585 or mail them to the financial aid office, Hampshire College, 893 West Street, Amherst, MA  01002-3359.