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Student Employment


There are a variety of employment opportunities and experiences to enable students to meet their earnings potential as well as their academic schedule and interests.  Eligible students can view the master job list [292] and other job listings. 


Students are paid directly on a biweekly schedule according to the time submitted on the HUB. The wage rate for most positions is $15 per hour for the 2023-24 year.  Students must apply for and secure their own positions, employment is not a guarantee.  Students may need to utilize some of their work-study earnings to satisfy their tuition bills, and have the option to pay directly or to sign up for payroll deduction. The student accounts office [293] allows students to deduct up to $500 per semester from work-study earnings.


Students are required to complete paperwork before they begin their employment. All first-time employees at the College must complete an I-9 Form (requires identification and citizenship or visa status) to certify their eligibility for employment. W-4, M-4, and work authorization forms are also required and are available in the student employment office [293].


Students must submit their hours worked, by the payroll processing due date, electronically on TheHUB [294]; click on the "Enter My Timecard" link.  Students will not receive pay for hours not reported.  The hours worked must also be approved by the student’s supervisor.


Students with federal work study funding may not earn more than the work-study offer listed on their financial aid offer letter.  Students will be notified periodically of their award balance.  If a student earns the maximum offer, the student will need to stop working even if the semester or year is not over. If the student earns more than the maximum offer, the financial aid office may need to reduce the student's institutional grant funding to keep their total aid within their financial aid budget.


For additional rights and responsibilities as a work-study employee please refer to your Work Authorization form(s) or contact the student employment coordinator or the financial aid office.