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Outdoors Program and Recreational Athletics (OPRA)

OPRA Position on Substance Use
All OPRA facilities, trips, events, and activities are substance-free. This position is taken very seriously and will be enforced in accordance with the alcohol and other drug policy. Failure to comply with these policies will result in removal from participation in activities, including removal from trips and teams at the participant's expense and without reimbursement for expenses paid. OPRA supports students looking for substance-free experiences and is committed to continued support of this environment.

General Use of the Robert Crown Center (RCC) & MultiSport Center
The RCC and multisport center are for use by Hampshire College ID holders and not the general public.

  1. Users must show and swipe their valid Hampshire ID when they enter the RCC and multisport center. Student IDs are not transferable. No one is allowed to use someone else’s student ID to gain entrance to the RCC or the multisport center.
  2. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their legal parent or guardian who holds a valid Hampshire ID. Everyone using the multisport center must sign in at the front desk.
  3. Guests must be signed in at the front desk. The host must remain with the guest in the RCC and/or multisport center. Any person causing what the staff consider unpleasantness or unruliness in the building will be required to leave the RCC and/or multisport center.
  4. The climbing wall, bouldering cave, and tennis courts may be used by Hampshire ID holders and one guest of an ID holder. The ID holder must be present with the guest at all times. 
  5. Metal lockers are issued on a first-come, first-served basis twice during the academic year, once in September and then at the start of winter break. Lockers must be emptied and locks removed before winter recess and again prior to graduation in May. Any locks placed on metal lockers prior to registering at the front desk are liable to be removed and locks left on beyond the above periods will also be removed. Lockers are available only to students and employees.
  6. The use of radios, boom boxes, and so on, is prohibited. These devices may be used only with earphones.
  7. Summer use of the RCC, playing fields, and outdoor tennis courts is only available during posted hours when not exclusively reserved and scheduled by a summer program.

Robert Crown Center Swimming Pool

  1. A valid Hampshire ID must be left at the lifeguard’s desk before a swimmer enters the water.
  2. Non-swimmers are not permitted to use the pool.
  3. A shower must be taken before a swimmer enters the pool.
  4. Bathing suits are necessary; cut-offs are permissible. Nude swimming is not permitted at any time. Artificial flotation devices such as water wings and inner tubes are not permitted.
  5. Anyone with a heart problem, epileptic seizures, or a dislocated shoulder should get a physician’s approval before using the pool and must alert the lifeguard.
  6. No glass containers are not permitted in the pool area. The consumption of beverages or food is not permitted. Running, splashing, and the throwing of objects are not permitted in the pool or pool area.
  7. The lifeguards on duty have complete authority over the pool. The guards may ask anyone to leave who breaks the RCC rules or who, in the judgment of the guards, creates a nuisance, disturbance, or a potential hazard.
  8. The pool phone is to be used only for pool emergencies.
  9. In the event of a storm involving lightning in the vicinity of the College, an equipment breakdown, a problem in heating or lighting, overcrowding, or any other situation that the lifeguards deem potentially hazardous, the guards have the authority to close the pool.
  10. No swimming is permitted in the pool unless it is during a regularly scheduled recreational swim or class period with appropriate lifeguards on duty.
  11. Lifeguards are not responsible for personal belongings left in the pool area.
  12. No swimming is permitted when the pool cover is covering the pool.

The Sauna
Current valid Hampshire ID holders only and no guests. Clothing is required in the facility. Gender-neutral and gender-specific hours are posted in the RCC.

Equipment Use
Because of the considerable loss of equipment, the following Policy will be enforced:

  1. People signing out equipment are responsible for the replacement value of the equipment (not the depreciated value). If equipment is lost, they will be billed for it directly.
  2. All equipment should be returned clean and in good repair. The person who signed out the equipment is the person who will be billed for loss or damage.
  3. No one may sign out more than $400 worth of equipment.
  4. Only people having valid Hampshire IDs and those who are taking Hampshire courses for which the equipment is specifically necessary may sign out equipment.
  5. Sign-out limit is one week for all equipment (except bikes and ski equipment).
  6. For overdue equipment, fines will be assessed at the rate of .50 cents per item per day for items having replacement cost of less than $10.00 and $1.00 per item per day for items having replacement value greater than $10.00.
  7. No further equipment will be checked out to anyone owing a fine.
  8. The fine for late return of ski equipment and bikes is $10.00 for the first day and $12.00 for each additional day.

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