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Student Engagement


Student group recognition, policies, activities, and events are overseen by student engagement.  Hampshire College encourages students to design and implement programs that enrich and are consistent with the educational mission of the College. The name “Hampshire College” and all abbreviations are the property of the Trustees of Hampshire College and may not be used to imply, either directly or indirectly, the College’s endorsement, support, favor, association with, or opposition to an organization, product, or service without permission of the College. The residence life and student engagement staff, as well as the dean of students office or designee, may deny recognition, or cancel events or activities that violate any of these criteria.

Hosting/Registering an Event or Program
All events have an impact on the image and reputation of Hampshire College. Therefore, event organizers have the responsibility to ensure that their events reflect the core values of the institution: responsibility, community, and well-being. All events must comply with the campus event safety policy:

The event registration process is designed to provide assistance to event organizers and student group representatives in navigating the various steps necessary to host an event on campus. This includes providing support with reserving facilities, complying with applicable campus policies and procedures, and ensuring adequate program planning. The policy covers the following events hosted on campus:

  • Events funded by student activities fee (funded or sponsored by the SAF), student groups and non-student groups
  • Events in public spaces
  • Conferences (see more guidelines below) and workshops
  • Events with an anticipated audience of 15 or more
  • Events held outdoors
  • Events involving alcohol

For general event planning guidelines visit

Looking for information about how to host events in the residences? Visit the residence life social events section for more information.

Large Events, Conferences, and Multi Day Events

Large Events
Events with an expected attendance of more than 200 individuals require consideration beyond the two-week event-registration requirement. Residence Life and Student Engagement will work in conjunction with student organizers in an attempt to accommodate large events. However, because each event may require unique considerations, each must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Hosting Conferences or Multi Day Events
Students who want to hold a conference or multi day event on campus must do so in conjunction with student engagement. Planning must begin at least four months in advance of the conference or multi day event. Conference planning requires a large amount of preparation and logistics. Considerations need to include: funding, event budget, time of year, location, security, contracting with outside vendors/speakers, expected attendance of on- and off-campus individuals, parking and traffic, food, lodging, setup, technical needs, conflicts, advertising, and guest registration.

Student Engagement has guidelines that student organizers need to follow when planning a conference or multi day event. Due to availability of campus resources, students and student groups are allowed to host only one conference or multi day event a year. For information about additional requirements and planning procedures, please visit student engagement.

Additional Event Planning Regulations

  • Alcoholic beverages are allowed only by special permit (see the Alcohol Policy).
  • All campus events have a 10 p.m. curfew Sunday through Thursday and a 1 a.m. curfew on Friday and Saturday. Quiet hours begin at 11 p.m. (Sunday–Thursday) and at 2 a.m. (Friday–Saturday).
  • Events cannot take place prior to the first day of classes (orientation period), beyond one week after classes end (graduation period), or during other large scale campus events. Final event approval is always at the discretion of the residence life and student engagement staff. Only events sponsored or approved by the residence life and student engagement staff can be scheduled during the dates of Hampshire Halloween and Spring Jam. Student engagement in conjunction with campus safety and wellbeing and event services may limit, at any time, the number of registered student events per day or weekend.
  • Non-Student Group Events: Event organizers are the students requesting money for an event, and are taking on the responsibility of organizing, attending, and monitoring the event. Each event requires three event organizers, and all three event organizers must be currently enrolled, distinct students. (See the non-student group policy on the student recognition process page)
  • All trash and recycling must be collected and placed in the appropriate barrels.
  • At no time may doors, fire exits, elevators, hallways, or foot traffic be blocked. All events must observe fire and accessibility codes.


  • Advertising for events is permitted only once the event has been approved by residence life and student engagement. This includes online advertising in social media as well as postering, tabling, chalking, and mailbox stuffing.
  • Posters are permitted only on bulletin boards not designated for specific departments or centers. Students are encouraged to use the bulletin boards under the walkway along the west wall of Franklin Patterson Hall and the north wall of the Harold F. Johnson Library Center, underneath the bridge. Posters placed anywhere but upon designated bulletin boards will be removed with no regard to content. 
  • Chalking is permitted on any outside ground surface that is exposed to the elements (can be rained or snowed upon) so removal does not require the attention of facilities and grounds staff. Chalking is prohibited inside campus buildings and outside on non-ground surfaces including, but not limited to, walls and windows of campus buildings, signs, trees, poles, and other structures.

Fundraising Policy:

  • Fundraising may be conducted for the purpose of charitable giving or charitable donations to entities outside of Hampshire College as well as for recognized student groups. Any student interested in fundraising is required to obtain authorization from the office of residence life and student engagement for any fundraising event and/or where money is exchanged. For student group fundraising or events handling cash, the office of residence life and student engagement, working with the controller's office, must have reviewed and approved the student groups cash handling procedures prior to the event.
  • Fundraising activities benefiting an outside organization/company/foundation must have a letter of permission from the organization/company/foundation when registering the activity.
  • Monies raised for an outside charitable organization must be donated directly to the outside entity (for example, through donation to the entity’s website, or an entity representative being physically on site to collect donations).
  • Monies raised for the purpose of charitable giving must be submitted to the charitable entity within two (2) business days of the fundraising. Monies cannot be held by an individual or student group beyond that time. Current students may not function as a charitable entity’s representative for the purpose of collecting charitable donations.
  • All monies donated to a recognized student group must be transferred to the student group account one week prior to the event date. 
  • All crowdfunding campaigns to benefit student groups will be created and managed by residence life and student engagement.

Contract Policy:

Any performer, speaker, organization or outside vendor at an event sponsored by a student group or using SAF funding must complete and sign a Hampshire College Contract.  All contracts must be authorized by student engagement staff.

Students are prohibited from signing any contracts or making verbal and/or written commitments to outside agencies, as it makes them PERSONALLY LIABLE for fulfilling the terms of the contract should a problem arise. 

Contract Request Forms must be submitted a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the event date.  Each person/organization/vendor receiving payment will require its own individual contract.  Please submit one contract request form for each person/organization/vendor receiving payment. 

Contract request forms can be found on the HampEngage homepage under campus links.

Residence life and student engagement should also review all rental or purchase contracts as well as legally binding agreements to ensure the terms are agreeable for Hampshire College.

Any questions about contracts can be directed to the assistant director of student engagement.

Reserving Space:
The dining commons, red barn, main, west, and east lecture halls in Franklin Patterson Hall, the merrill and dakin living rooms, and most academic and other campus spaces may be reserved through the event registration form. The library gallery may be reserved through the gallery coordinator, 413.559.5622.

Any reservations of space for student events made with event services and summer programs will be considered tentative until the event registration form (ERF) is approved by residence life and student engagement. If an ERF has not been approved, tentative bookings will be canceled two-weeks prior to an event without notice. Food and beverages are allowed only in certain spaces; when making reservations, refreshments must be noted. Sensitivity to neighboring classes, offices, meetings, and functions should be exercised. All campus events have a 10 p.m. curfew Sunday through Thursday and a 1 a.m. curfew on Friday and Saturday.