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Student Group Recognition Process

Student Group Recognition Process

The student group recognition process is held in the spring semester for the next academic year's recognition.  All groups, new and established, are required to complete and submit a registration form each year. 

Campus leadership and activities evaluates all applications to determine if additional information is necessary, and if approved, the group is recognized for the next academic year.  Consideration will be given to the type of activity, similarity to existing groups, their detailed mission statement, proposed community engagement, risk and safety concerns, as well as the viability of the group determined by potential conflict with Norms for Community Living and Policies.

Groups may be asked to have a faculty or staff advisor, and/or submit a self-risk activity assessment. Once recognized, all participating members of the group must complete a student activities risk waiver.

If a registration form is not submitted, or supplemental information is not provided, the registration will not be approved. 

Unrecognized student groups are not eligible to receive direct funding from the student activities fund (SAF), nor have an active HampEngage page.

Student Group Expectations:

  • All student groups must have three trained signers in order to maintain recognition.
  • Student groups must host one event or program open to the Hampshire community per semester in order to maintain recognition. A program can be active, such as an event, or it can be passive educational outreach, for example an informational campaign or a publication.
  • Student groups must register their meetings on HampEngage via the event registration form.  Failure to do so will make your group ineligible to receive funding.  All group meetings must occur in public spaces.
  • All participating members of the student group must complete an online student activities risk waiver.
  • Student groups will notify CLA in writing of any intent to change to the name of the student group, mission statement, or group signers.
  • All members of student groups are expected to conduct themselves, both on and off campus, as responsible members of the Hampshire Community.
  • All student groups shall be responsible for adhering to the above expectations as well as policies outlined in the Student Handbook.

Signer Expectations:

  • All student group signers are required to attend signer training and at least two additional leadership training sessions organized by campus leadership and activities (CLA) each semester.  In the event that a signer cannot attend a training the student must notify the assistant dean of students for CLA in writing and send a representative of the student group in their place or attend a makeup session; failure to do so will impact the recognition status of your group and its ability to receive funding.
  • Signers are responsible for submitting all of the following on HampEngage:
    • SAF funding request forms
    • Purchase request forms for food, services, and supplies
      • This includes second signing purchase requests
    • Event forms for group meetings and events
    • Trip registration forms
    • Contract request forms for outside performers/speakers/vendors
  • Any Purchase Request that is not 2nd signed within 48 hours will be cancelled. After two (2) requests without a 2nd signer, the Signers will need to meet with the CLA financial assistant, Tammy Parks before submitting any further purchase requests. Signers are responsible for picking up purchase orders from CLA and returning receipts in a timely manner, within three (3) days of purchase.
  • Tipping for food delivery:
    • Students are to place a 15% tip at the time of placing the order; if you tip more than 15% we may ask you to provide the difference in cash. It is not necessary to provide a tip if you pick up the food yourself.
  • Deposits:
    • Signers must inform the CLA financial assistant, Tammy Parks, of any cash deposits or fund transfers from inter-departmental accounts.
  • Duplications:
    • Signers must have all duplication charges approved by the CLA financial assistant, Tammy Parks, prior to making any copies.
  • All signers of student groups are expected to conduct themselves, both on and off campus, as responsible members of the Hampshire Community. 

Maintaining Your Student Group Recognition.
These recognition requirements will be reviewed both mid-year and as part of the annual recognition process to determine eligibility for continued group recognition. Groups may be moved to a frozen status if they do not fulfill these specific requirements.

New Student Group Recognition Process
There is no new student group recognition process at the start of the fall or spring semester. Groups that are interested in becoming a recognized student group must wait until the official process at the end of the spring semester. New groups can still meet, reserve space, and begin recruiting potential members prior to submitting an official application for recognition.

For additional information on becoming a recognized group visit