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Student Group Recognition Process

The student group recognition process is held each spring for the following academic year. All groups, newly proposed and established, are required to submit an online recognition application. Campus leadership and activities evaluates all applications to determine if additional information is necessary, and if approved, the group is recognized for the next academic year. Consideration will be given to the type of activity, similarity to existing groups, their detailed mission statement, proposed community engagement, risk and safety concerns, as well as the viability of the group determined by potential conflict with Norms for Community Living and Policies. Groups may be asked to have a faculty or staff advisor, and/or submit a self-risk activity assessment. Once recognized all participating members of the group must complete a student activities risk waiver.

Maintaining Your Student Group Recognition
Each student group is required to have three trained signers in order to maintain recognition. Additionally, group meetings must be registered using the event registration form; groups are required to sponsor or co-sponsor two programs annually (ie. one per semester) that is open to the Hampshire community. A program can be active, such as an event, or it can be passive educational outreach, for example an informational campaign or a publication; and all group members must complete activity waivers.

These requirements will be reviewed both mid-year as well as part of the annual recognition process to determine eligibility for continued group recognition. Groups may be moved to a frozen status if they do not fulfill these specific requirements.

New Student Group Recognition Process
There is no group recognition process at the start of the spring semester. Groups that are interested in becoming a recognized student group must wait until the official process at the end of the spring semester. New groups can still meet, reserve space, and begin recruiting potential members prior to submitting an application for recognition.

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