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Social Events Hosted in the Residences


A social event on the Hampshire College campus is considered to be any gathering at which more than 15 people are in attendance. All social events in the residences, regardless of whether or not there are alcoholic beverages being served, must submit an authorized social event registration form at least 24 hours prior to the event from the residence life coordinator of the residence. Prior to submitting the registration form, those hosting the event must meet with the residence life coordinator to understand their responsibilities and what procedures to follow as event hosts. Hosts may also be required to attend an educational workshop prior to hosting social events. The meeting and workshop ensures that students understand all policies and safety resources that are in place. Students hosting parties without registration or after being denied registration will be in violation of the policy.

Social event registration forms require the sponsorship of two residents of the hall or mod where the event is taking place. These individuals must be willing to take responsibility for the event by taking part in the discussion with the residence life coordinator prior to the signing of the event registration form and by ensuring that all Communtiy Standards and laws are adhered to during the event. If alcoholic beverages are being served during the event, both signers of the registration form must be 21 years of age or older. Those serving alcohol are required to check identification. Events will not be authorized if excessive alcohol is being served or if there is a lack of adequate alternative nonalcoholic beverage and food offered. For more information about hosting events with alcohol, please see the alcohol policy.

Social Event registration forms will be authorized only for a single hall or mod to host an event. Attendance at events within and around the living areas is limited due to fire safety concerns. Larger events should take place outside the residences (contact student engagement for assistance coordinating events outside the residences). Noise generated by the event must not be so loud as to disturb neighboring residents. Only one event registration form will be authorized in each residence area on a single night. Social events in the residences will not be authorized to take place during or around the time of large-scale campus events or during the time of College quiet hours. Therefore, events in the residences will only be authorized for Friday and Saturday nights unless deemed appropriate by the residence life coordinator. They will not be authorized to take place during the College’s exam period or the exam periods of any of the other Five Colleges, during break periods (October break, Thanksgiving break, or spring break), during any time of the Halloween weekend, during Spring Jam, or during the weekend of graduation. A residence life coordinator may refuse to authorize events during other large-scale campus events. A residence life coordinator may also refuse to authorize events at their discretion.