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Use of College Vehicles and Insurance

Use of College Vehicles

College vehicles are not available for personal use. Pool vans can be reserved for College business and College-approved student activities. Please be sure to carefully read all information on the checking out Pool Vehicles webpage. Student groups must contact the campus leadership and activities office. For offices and academic departments, a department budget manager or designated assistant makes the reservation. A vehicle request can be made three days or more in advance.

Members of the College community who want to be eligible to operate a College vehicle must attend a defensive driver class, and have a clean driving record. Credential forms must be filled out via Five College risk management for insurance purposes by everyone who will drive a College-owned or personal vehicle on College business.

All drivers of pool vans or personal vehicles driven on College business, are expected to follow the rules in the pool vehicle handbook and abide by all campus regulations and all local, state, and federal laws.

Travel Accident Insurance
The College provides limited travel accident insurance, including medical evacuation and repatriation to students traveling on College or academic business, worldwide. Worldwide travel assistance services are also available. Contact the 
dean of student’s office for details or see the Five Colleges Inc. website.

Auto Use
The College purchases auto liability insurance, which protects both the College and the driver from third-party liability and third-party property damage arising from the use of College-owned, hired/rented, and non-owned vehicles. The 
Five College risk management website has more detailed information on this coverage. 

  • For College-owned vehicles, the student driver must be credentialed and have permission from a faculty member, a dean, a coach, or a department head to drive a College vehicle. For details on becoming a credentialed driver, visit Five College risk management policies.
  • To rent or drive a rented vehicle for College business, the student must be credentialed and have written authorization from an authorized person (see owned vehicles, below) and be a scheduled driver with the rental company. Most car rental agencies prohibit persons under the age of 25 from driving rented vehicles. The College policy is to waive coverage for liability and collision coverage on domestic rentals; however, students should follow departmental guidelines with respect to waiving the rental company insurance. If the College insurance is used, a certificate of insurance should be obtained as proof of insurance.
  • If a student drives their own vehicle on College business, such use must be specifically authorized in writing by the department head or chair before the use occurs. The College policy is excess of the student’s own policy with respect to liability coverage. No coverage is provided for any physical damage to the student’s vehicle, nor will any deductible amount be paid by the College, whether or not the vehicle is used for College business, and regardless of any liability of the driver or other parties. 
  • The College auto insurance policy may not cover unauthorized drivers. Unauthorized drivers may be personally liable for claims brought against them. The College may also have a right to claim against unauthorized drivers.

Weather Conditions
Trips may be canceled due to adverse weather conditions. The on-duty 
Campus Safety and Security supervisor has the authority to cancel pool vehicle reservations due to the adverse weather conditions and will utilize all available weather information determine the advisability of allowing vehicles to leave the campus. As a matter of policy, the College expects drivers to interrupt their trips when weather conditions deteriorate, find a safe place to wait, and to resume the trip once the weather improves.

OPRA Van Use
Outdoor Programs and Recreation and Athletics vans are only for the use of College staff for transporting people to OPRA programs, courses, and events.

  • OPRA does not lend or rent vans.
  • Smoking, drinking alcohol, and using illegal drugs are prohibited in OPRA vans.
  • The transportation of alcohol or illegal drugs in OPRA vans is prohibited.