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All bicycles on campus must be registered. Registration is free and can be completed on TheHub anytime. The decal will be sent to you via campus mail. The registration decal will expire upon the student’s graduation date no longer than five (5) years from original registration.

All bicycles on campus must be stored in approved outdoor bike sheds and secured to a bicycle rack. Bikes cannot be stored in the center of Greenwich donuts. Bicycles may not be secured to fire hydrants, trees, parking signs, ramps, railings, or left in the path of egress in any building on campus. Bicycles that are inappropriately secured may be immediately removed and/or confiscated.

Bicycles must be removed from campus during the summer break. Bicycles left over the summer will be considered abandoned and will be confiscated and discarded.

The College must continuously remove unregistered bicycles from campus to make room for registered bicycles. Any bicycle in violation of the College’s bicycle policy or unregistered will be confiscated and, if not claimed within thirty (30) days, will be discarded.

Stolen bikes, like any theft on campus should be reported to campus safety and security.

The College is not responsible for any bicycle brought to or left on campus, whether secured or not.