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Access to Library Services

Library services are available to currently enrolled and field study Hampshire College students, faculty, and staff with a valid Hampshire ID. Students on leave do not continue to have access to library services. Students who will be returning to campus the following fall term have access to library services during the summer.  The Library is open seven days a week during the academic semesters; check our website for our current schedule of hours.


Services include:
• Access to collections
◦ Circulation of books, CDs, bound periodicals, games, videos, DVD’s,  media equipment & seeds from the Harold F. Johnson Library Center
◦ Direct borrowing and request item access to Five College libraries and Interlibrary Loan
◦ Archives and Special Collections, including archived Division III's
• Help with your academic work:
◦ Research Help
◦ Audio/Visual Production & Editing Support
◦ Technology & Digital Tools
• Study spaces: Carrels, 24/7 Airport Lounge
Printing/ Scanning/3D Printing
Advertising Events on Library Screens
• Division III archiving


Hampshire and Five College Borrowing Policies

Hampshire College students may borrow library materials, including  books, CDs, videos,  DVDs, and media equipment, directly from the Harold F. Johnson Library.  Items  may be borrowed directly from Five College Libraries, or requested for delivery to the Harold F. Johnson Library.    See the Library’s website for information regarding borrowing policies and loan periods.  Items not owned within the Five College Libraries may be requested via Interlibrary Loan.


Study Spaces

The Library offers many study tables and lounge furniture for individual or group study.   Some library rooms are bookable for group study, see our room reservation policies page for more information.  Students may apply to reserve study carrels on the 2nd or 3rd floors.  Carrels are assigned to students for a semester at a time, and students may use them as their personal study space during the Library’s open hours.  The Airport Lounge, which is adjacent to the Library, offers study space and 24/7 access to computers and a color printer.