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Exchange, Field Study, & Short-term Field Courses


Exchange programs are sponsored by Hampshire and are administered by the global education office and follow a home school tuition policy. These semester or year-long programs have either been designed by Hampshire faculty or were created through an affiliation with an academic institution that complements Hampshire's academic program in some way. They offer a variety of opportunities for language study, community engagement, coursework, independent research projects, internships, and more. Participation in an exchange program is considered a full semester of enrollment. All Hampshire Exchange programs (both international and domestic) are administered by the global education office (GEO). 

Field Study
The term "field study" at Hampshire refers to an approved semester of academic work or study that must be conducted away from the College (international or domestic). Course-based and self-designed field study are considered a full semester of enrollment that will count toward graduation. Field study may be granted for academic study that requires a student to be away from the Hampshire campus for an entire semester. Students should apply for field study through the center for academic support and advising. Refer to the field study section of this handbook.

Short-term Field Courses
Hampshire College offers a number of faculty-led short-term courses that provide students the opportunity for off-campus study and research either elsewhere in the U.S. or abroad. These courses are offered and administered through the global education office during January or summer and are generally 2- 4 weeks in length.