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Short-term field courses


Hampshire College offers a number of faculty-led short-term field courses for academic credit that provide students the opportunity for off-campus study and research either elsewhere in the U.S. or abroad. These courses are offered and administered through the global education office (GEO) during January or summer and are generally 2-4 weeks in length. All Hampshire short-term field courses have an application, course fee, and registration process administered through the global education office.  For more information see the global education office webpage.

Eligibility Requirements for Short-term Field Courses:

To be eligible to participate in a GEO short-term field course, you must:

  • Be an actively enrolled student in good academic and disciplinary standing
  • Qualify for specific course prerequisites
  • Be in good financial standing at Hampshire. Students who have outstanding financial obligations may not be eligible.
  • Apply to the global education office using the online application system by the published application deadlines.  

Note:  Students on medical leave are not eligible to participate in short-term field courses. Students on personal leave must request permission to apply from the global education office.

Policy on Good Academic and Disciplinary Standing for Short-term Field Courses:

Students wanting to participate in a short-term field course must be in both good academic and disciplinary standing at Hampshire College.  The center for academic support and advising (CASA), the global education office (GEO) and the dean of students office/ office of student rights and responsibilities collaborate to review all academic and conduct records of students who are applying for a short-term field course. Students must be clear of any outstanding or ongoing formal student conduct processes and probationary terms cannot coincide with the intended period away (all must be completed the semester before leaving campus). Students who may be on  probation (disciplinary status sanction) or contract at the time of application but whose probationary terms end prior to the planned period off-campus are not automatically disqualified from participating. Students may be required to submit additional information to CASA or GEO as well as participate in an interview prior to their approval for a short-term field course. Once a student’s application is approved, approval may be revoked at any time for failure to maintain good academic and disciplinary standing at any time up to the time of departure.  It is in the student’s best interest to notify the appropriate advisor if they have violated the norms for community living and policies prior to application.  If a student’s application for a short-term field course has been denied or their eligibility status to participate has been revoked, students have an opportunity to seek a review by filing a written request to the Dean of Faculty within 3 days once they have been notified. Hampshire reserves the right to review each case on the nature, severity, and number of incidents prior to approval of participation in a short-term field course. 

Fees and Financial Aid:

The cost of each short-term field course varies. Please refer to the course-specific webpage listed at Short-term Field Courses for more information about the course fee and additional costs. Airfare is generally NOT included in the course fee. Fully enrolled students who receive need-based financial aid from Hampshire College are eligible to apply for financial assistance through the global education office (GEO). For further details and payment information visit the Short-term Field Study Course Fees and Financial Aid webpage.


Students participating on short-term field courses are required to have health insurance coverage. Students who will be studying outside of the United States will need to confirm that their provider will cover them internationally.

All Hampshire students are automatically enrolled in the Hampshire College health insurance plan. Students have the option to waive Hampshire's insurance if they are covered under another acceptable insurance plan. If covered through Hampshire College health insurance, students will automatically be covered internationally. Plan and coverage information for Hampshire's health insurance can be found through the student health insurance webpage