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Evaluation of Courses and other Educational Activities

The expectations for a student to receive an evaluation for the successful completion of a Hampshire course or other type of educational activity such as an independent study, field study or teaching assistantship are established in advance of the start of the activity.

Evaluations for special projects must be submitted to the student's advisor who certifies successful completion. The student may also, but is not obliged to, bring a copy of the site supervisor evaluation to central records for inclusion in their transcript.

Students are responsible for checking their records for accuracy at the end of each semester.  If a student finds an error in an evaluation, they should request that it be corrected as soon as possible after it has been posted online by contacting the faculty member or Central Records.  Requests for changes to evaluations may not be considered beyond sixty (60) days after the student’s final semester of attendance. 

Generally, students resolve minor inaccuracies in their evaluations without a formal process. Typographical and minor factual errors, including pronoun and preferred name errors, are easily resolved by contacting the appropriate Academic Administrator.  The College has a separate policy and procedure for amending records of students who change their pronoun, preferred name or legal name.  

Students who question the content of an evaluation should first discuss their concerns with the faculty member who wrote the evaluation to come to a resolution.  If a resolution with the faculty member cannot be reached, the student should contact the Registrar at, who may consult with other parties as necessary to arrive at a decision.