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Faculty Evaluation Deadlines

Mid-semester Course Evaluations
Faculty indicate concerns or comments regarding student progress courses by published deadlines. (Mandatory for first and second semester students; optional for others)

Course Summary Evaluations
Faculty indicate whether students will be receiving an evaluation, no evaluation, or an incomplete by the published deadline. Also see course registration policy.

Course Evaluations
Course evaluations are due by January 15th for a fall term and June 15th for a spring term.

Short Term Courses January or May/Summer
All student work must be completed within one week (7 days) after the end date of the course as listed on TheHub. Faculty must provide course completion summaries on TheHub ten days after the course end date. Full course evaluations are due from faculty two weeks after student work is turned in (three weeks after the course end date).

Incomplete courses
Faculty are not obligated to negotiate an incomplete. In those cases where a student has requested and the faculty member agrees that an incomplete is appropriate, that information must be recorded no later than the course completion summary deadline for that semester.

To record an incomplete, the faculty member enters the negotiated date along with any other pertinent notes on TheHub in the course summary by the course summary deadline. Students are notified of the incomplete via email and asked to agree to the terms.  The negotiated date will not exceed January 15th for a fall course, and June 30th for a spring course.

When the faculty member has determined that the conditions of the incomplete have been met, they must record that the course has been successfully completed on TheHub by January 15th for a fall course and June 30th for a spring course. If successful completion is not recorded by this time, the incomplete will automatically convert to a “no evaluation” notation. Faculty have one month from the negotiated date to evaluate the work.

Students experiencing exceptional circumstances that could make it difficult to adhere to any part of this policy should be referred immediately to CASA for assistance with accommodating circumstances.

Division I and II
Evaluations for Division I and II work passed during a fall term are due January 30. Evaluations for Division I and II work passed during a spring term are due June 30. Check the academic calendar for the evaluation deadline for Division I work that is passed at the beginning of a term. 

Division III
Division III evaluations, including all Advanced Educational Activities, are due by the published deadline. No student can formally be awarded the degree unless all Division III evaluations have been received.