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The Hampshire College Transcript


The first page of the transcript includes the following:

  • Divisional titles and dates of completion
  • Hampshire and Five College course numbers and titles
  • Five College grades
  • Completed co-curricular activities
  • Terms of enrollment (including semesters of field study and exchange programs)
  • Last date of attendance for uncompleted terms
  • Students degree status
  • Transcript key

Note: Hampshire courses that are not successfully completed, incomplete, or audited are notated accordingly.

Evaluations and other documents included in the transcript completed by the transcript issue date:

  • Division II evaluation, which Includes certification of the Community Engaged Learning (CEL-2) requirement  and the Multiple Cultural Perspectives requirement.
  • Division III evaluation, which Includes evaluations and/or grades for the two Advanced Educational Activities.
  • Evaluations for successfully completed Hampshire courses.
  • Field study and exchange program evaluations and international transcripts.
  • Special Project, Learning Activity, and Five College evaluations when submitted to central records by the student.

Note: If a student studied at another U.S. institution before or during enrollment at Hampshire, the transcript should be ordered directly from the institution attended. This includes transcripts for study abroad programs that are issued by a U.S. school of record institution.

Requesting a Transcript
Students request transcripts using a form on the Hampshire website. Go to "Transcript Requests and Information" It can take up to 10 business days for The Central Records Office to produce a transcript so please plan accordingly.

Students are billed a one-time transcript fee, which entitles them to request transcripts both while enrolled and in the future at no additional charge. Students are responsible for expedited shipping costs.

Maintenance of Student Files
Students should inspect their academic records before leaving the College. Academic records are scanned for permanent archiving after students leave the College.  Requests for changes to academic records may not be considered beyond sixty (60) days after the student’s final semester of attendance. 

Transcripts/Outstanding Obligations

  • Students who have outstanding financial obligations to the College may not receive official transcripts, nor will transcripts be issued to a third party. 
  • Transcripts will not be issued for any student who has defaulted on any federal student loan until the College has been notified by an agency that the student is no longer in default. 
  • If a student has not fulfilled any student conduct sanctions imposed through the Formal Conduct Process, the degree will be withheld and official transcripts will not be released.

Students who have not fulfilled obligations as described above may be issued one unofficial transcript that will be stamped with “issued to student” and “outstanding obligation.” Transcripts will not be issued to a third party.