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Students interested in participating in exchange must follow the GEO application procedures. The Hampshire Exchange application deadlines (fall and spring term) are listed each year on the GEO website and advertised extensively around campus. Students who enroll at a program or institution where Hampshire has an exchange agreement must do so through Hampshire College exchange status. Students may not enroll directly with Hampshire partners while on field-study status. 

A student on exchange is generally supervised by an appropriate person at the exchange site. The student is entitled to a limited amount of supervision by a Hampshire College faculty member. A semester of exchange is considered a semester of enrollment for the purpose of academic standing (see the section on Guidelines for Academic Progress). Students are expected to fulfill the academic requirements as outlined by their exchange program and their Division II or III committee. Failure to successfully complete a semester of exchange may impact a student’s academic progress, divisional status, or financial aid eligibility.

Enrollment Status
Students on exchange will be considered full-time students for the purpose of educational loan obligations. If, for other valid reasons, certification of student status is necessary, the Central Records Office will prepare a letter bearing the College seal.

All students, including those on exchange, are automatically enrolled in the Hampshire College health insurance plan through Gallagher Koster. Medical care coverage is outlined in the College insurance company brochure and on the student financial services website. Exchange students are required to have insurance. Some exchange programs may have additional, country-specific insurance requirements. Students have the option to waive Hampshire’s insurance if they are covered under another acceptable insurance plan; students who will be studying outside of the United States will need to confirm that their private carrier will cover them internationally. 

A student on exchange may not have use of any Hampshire College or Five College facilities. A student on exchange may have access to library resources.

Students who participate in a Hampshire Exchange program are charged Hampshire College tuition for that semester. Room, board, and other fees vary by program; refer to the Gobal Education Office website. Fees associated with exchange withdrawal will be assessed per the program withdrawal and refund policy (see GEO website).

Financial Aid
Refer to the Financial Aid website.

Procedures for Exchange
Students must work closely with the Global Education Office and complete all application materials. A Hampshire College Exchange form will be issued to a student if they have been accepted to an exchange program.

  • A meeting with the advisor (Division II or Division III chair) who will be supervising the work during the exchange should occur at an early stage. If this is a Division III exchange, this planning meeting must be followed by a meeting with the Division III advisor in CASA. Division III students should refer to the Division III section.
  • After the project has been planned, it must be put in written form. A copy of the Division II concentration statement or a preliminary Division III plan should be attached. A written agreement between the student and the faculty supervisor outlining the obligations each is willing to undertake is an important part of the form. A statement about how and when the work will be evaluated should also be included.
  • All students traveling on a Hampshire College-sponsored study are required to submit an Assumption of Risk and General Release form. College-sponsored travel is any travel that a student receives any funding, academic credit for work done during or upon return from the travel; or any travel which has been arranged by the College. This includes participation in an exchange program, whether domestic or international.
  • Filing for exchange requires the signature of the following: Division II or Division III chair, assistant director of residence life, bursar, the director of financial aid (for financial aid students), the international student advisor in the multicultural and international student services offices (for  students with an F-1 student visa), the director of global education, and a member of the Center for Academic Support and Advising staff.

Any exchange for which final approval has not been received will be canceled.

International Students
International students (with an F-1 student visa) are required to consult with the international student advisor regarding visa implications of exchange BEFORE applying for exchange. The advisor is located in the multicultural and international student services office in the Lebrón-Wiggins-Pran Cultural Center.

Returning from Exchange
In order to preregister for courses or participate in the on campus housing lottery process, the student must notify CASA of their intention to return by the November and April enrollment deadline.  Students should refer to online forms and information on the Hampshire College website and TheHub. Other information regarding returning to Hampshire is also included at this website. If CASA is not notified of a student’s plans for the term following the exchange by the notification deadline, the student will be withdrawn from the College.