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Students interested in participating in exchange must apply through the Global Education Office.The Hampshire Exchange application deadlines (fall and spring term) are listed each year on the GEO website and advertised extensively around campus. Students who enroll at a program or institution where Hampshire has an exchange agreement must do so through Hampshire College. Students may not enroll directly with Hampshire exchange partners.

A meeting with the advisor (Division II or Division III chair) who will be supervising the work during the exchange should occur at an early stage. If this is a Division III exchange, this planning meeting must be followed by a meeting with the Division III advisor in CASA. Division III students should refer to the Division III section.

Eligibility Requirements for Hampshire Exchange (both domestic and international):

To be eligible to participate in a semester on Exchange you must

  • Have filed for Division II or be in your first semester of Division III. Division I students and Division III students in their last semester are not eligible.
  • Be in good academic and disciplinary standing to qualify.
  • For Exchange Programs, students must apply for the program through the Global Education Office.
  • Receive approval from your academic committee.
  • Be in good financial standing at Hampshire. Students who may have outstanding financial obligations may not be eligible.
  • Receive necessary approvals from all relevant offices by the Field Study, Leave & Exchange Deadline the semester prior to being away (November for spring/April for fall).

Policy on Good Academic and Disciplinary Standing for Field Study

Students wanting to participate in a semester on Field Study must be in good academic, financial and disciplinary standing at Hampshire College.  The Center for Academic Support and Advising (CASA), the Global Education Office (GEO) and the Dean of Students Office/Office of Student Conduct, Rights, and Responsibilities collaborate to review all academic and conduct records of students who are applying to be on Exchange.  Students who are on academic contract are not eligible to participate in either Exchange until the terms of the contract have been fulfilled. In addition, students must be clear of any outstanding or ongoing Formal Student Conduct processes  and probationary terms cannot coincide with the intended semester away (all must be completed the semester before leaving campus). Students who may be on probation (disciplinary status sanction) or contract at the time of application but whose probationary terms end prior to the planned semester off-campus are not automatically disqualified from participating. Hampshire reserves the right to review each case on the nature, severity, and number of incidents prior to approving the semester away.  Students may be required to submit additional information to CASA or GEO as well as participate in an interview prior to their approval for a semester on Exchange. Once a student’s application is approved, approval may be revoked at any time for failure to maintain good academic and disciplinary status through the time of departure.  It is in the student’s best interest to notify the appropriate CASA or GEO advisor/program manager if they have a violation of the norms for community living and policies prior to application.  If a student’s application for Exchange has been denied or their eligibility status to participate has been revoked, students have an opportunity to seek a review by filing a written request to the Dean of Faculty within 3 days once they have been notified.

Academic Expectations:

A semester of exchange is considered a full semester of enrollment for the purpose of academic standing. Students are expected to fulfill the academic requirements as outlined by their exchange program and their Division II or III committee. To remain in good academic standing at Hampshire while on exchange, students must successfully complete a minimum of 12 U.S. credits or the equivalent. If the host institution requires more to be fully enrolled, then the student needs to fulfill the host institution requirement. Successful completion of a course means receiving an evaluation or a grade of C or better or the equivalent. The final transcript must show evidence of this and will be evaluated for satisfactory academic progress and good academic standing. 

Failure to successfully complete a semester of exchange may impact a student’s academic progress, divisional status, or financial aid eligibility. Fees and refunds associated with exchange withdrawal will be assessed per the program specific student agreement. The Global Education Office and CASA must be notified in writing of any withdrawal from an exchange program.

Enrollment Status:

Students on exchange will be considered full-time students for the purpose of educational loan obligations. If, for other valid reasons, certification of student status is necessary, the Central Records Office will prepare a letter bearing the College seal.

A student on exchange may not have use of any Hampshire College or Five College facilities. A student on exchange may have access to library resources.


Students who participate in a Hampshire Exchange program are charged Hampshire College tuition for that semester. Room, board, and other fees vary by program; refer to the Global Education Office website. Fees associated with exchange withdrawal will be assessed per the program withdrawal and refund policy


Students on Hampshire Exchange are required to have health insurance coverage. Students who will be studying outside of the United States will need to confirm that their provider will cover them internationally. Some exchange programs may have additional, country-specific insurance requirements.

All students, including those on exchange, are automatically enrolled in the Hampshire College health insurance plan. Students have the option to waive Hampshire's insurance if they are covered under another acceptable insurance plan. If covered through Hampshire College health insurance, students will automatically be covered internationally. Plan and coverage information for Hampshire's health insurance can be found through the student health insurance webpage.

Financial Aid:

Financial aid students who enroll in exchange are able to continue to receive Hampshire financial assistance. State and federal funding is also applicable. Students should consult with the Financial Aid Office to determine the exact terms and conditions of their aid package. Refer to the Financial Aid website.

Transcripts or Evaluations:

After students are enrolled in a Hampshire Exchange program, Central Records will add the comment
‘Documentation of Completion Pending’ to their transcript. Exchange counts as a full semester of enrollment at Hampshire.

All exchanges must be documented to be included in your Division II or III portfolio. Students on exchange are required to carry a full course load that is equivalent to (or above) 12 US credits. If the host institution requires more to be fully enrolled, then the student needs to fulfill the host institution requirement. To document your exchange, you must have official transcripts or evaluations from the institution you are attending.

Transcripts or evaluations should be sent directly to the Global Education Office no later than 30 days after the start of the semester of your return from exchange. When Central Records receives your transcripts and or evaluations from the Global Education Office, they will replace the above comment with the appropriate titles of your courses and other learning activities that you have successfully completed.

International Students:

International students (with an F-1 student visa) are required to consult with the international student advisor regarding visa implications of exchange BEFORE applying for exchange.

Returning from Exchange:

In order to preregister for courses or participate in the on campus housing lottery process, the student must notify CASA of their intention to return by the November and April enrollment deadline.  Students should refer to online forms and information on the Hampshire College website and TheHub. Other information regarding returning to Hampshire is also included at this website. If CASA is not notified of a student’s plans for the term following the exchange by the notification deadline, the student will be withdrawn from the College.