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Field Study


Field Study at Hampshire is an approved semester of academic work or study that requires a student to be away from the College for a semester. Field study status assumes that the student is engaged in academic work away from the College, not just living off campus. Field Study should only be taken when a student has adequate academic preparation. Field Study may be international or domestic and may be course-based or self-designed.

Field Study must be pre-approved by Division II or Division III committees. Ideally, students should have their field study plans approved by the field study, leave, and withdrawl deadline in the semester prior to the field study. If plans are not definite or if a signature is missing, the form should still be submitted by the deadline and an appointment made with a CASA dean the following week. Occasionally a student will find that their plans cannot be finalized until later in the term or during the summer.

A student on field study is supervised by an appropriate person at the field-study site. The student is entitled to limited supervision by the Division II or Division III committee. Students must submit the required documentation to show evidence of continued full-time enrollment in the field study semester and successful completion of the semester.

Students are expected to fulfill the academic requirements as outlined by their field study program and their Division II or III committee. Failure to successfully complete a semester of field study may impact a student’s academic progress, divisional status, or financial aid eligibility.

A student on field study may not have use of any Hampshire College or Five College facilities. A student on field study may have access to library resources.

The center for academic support and advising staff are available to answer questions about field study.

Field Study Options

Students may choose between a Course-Based Field Study or a Self Designed Field Study.