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Readmission by Withdrawal Type


In addition to the standard readmission application, compare your leave/withdrawal circumstances to these categories and be sure to include these supplemental materials:

Readmission after Academic Withdrawal
Applicants must provide documentation of completion of all academic work stipulated in the academic withdrawal letter.

Readmission after Administrative Withdrawal
Students who have been administratively withdrawn from the College because they have not informed the College of their enrollment plans must submit information concerning any academic activities while away as part of the application.

Readmission after Incomplete Medical Records Withdrawal
A student who has been administratively withdrawn due to missing medical records must submit required documentation to Health and Counseling Services. Health and Counseling Services will notify CASA once all medical information has been received. Reinstatement will be automatic if the student is in good academic and disciplinary standing and the materials have been received by the Friday before the start of the upcoming semester.

Readmission after Disciplinary Suspension
In addition to any criteria and recommendations made at the time of suspension from the College, evidence of responsible behavior in academic and nonacademic areas will be among the criteria used to determine readiness to reenter the Hampshire community.

Readmission after Financial Withdrawal
Students financially withdrawn at the end of a semester may be reinstated without going through the Readmissions process if the student is in good academic and disciplinary standing  and the account is paid in full the Friday before classes begin for the upcoming semester. Students are required to go through the Readmissions process if the account is not paid by that deadline. If the student misses the above deadline, then the account must be paid in full by the Readmissions application deadline corresponding with the semester the student wishes to return.

Readmission after Medical Leave
In addition to a completed readmission application, the student must submit a letter to CASA from a qualified health professional that contains the following information:

  1. A specific diagnosis and prognosis of the health condition that led to the medical leave
  2. Description of the treatment that was received by the student during leave
  3. An assessment of the student’s present and sustained ability to meet the academic, behavioral, and other requirements of the College
  4. An assessment of the student’s present and sustained ability to live independently in student housing
  5. An assessment of whether the student’s return to the College presents a potential threat to the health or safety of the student or to others in the College community
  6. Recommendations for continued treatment or accommodations (if any) upon return to the College. If requested to do so, the student also must provide the College with written permission to contact their health professional. In specific cases, additional requirements are possible. This information will be held as confidential by College health officers and the readmissions committee to the extent practical.

For International Students
International students (with an F-1 student visa) are required to contact the international student advisor immediately after applying for readmission, regardless of withdrawal type, to discuss visa status, enrollment limitations, and to obtain an updated Form I-20 necessary for returning to Hampshire. The advisor is located in the International Student Services office in the Merrill Student Life Center.