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Five College Courses

Listed below are the rules and regulations covering enrollment in off-campus courses. These regulations have been worked out by mutual agreement among the Five Colleges. Registration instructions are located on the central records webpage.

  • Students may preregister for a maximum of two (2) Five College courses. During the add/drop period, students may request and register for additional Five College courses.
  • Students may take no more than two courses at Amherst College in any one semester.
  • There are no courses offered through the interchange during January or over the summer. Continuing education courses at the Univeristy of Massachusetts are not part of the interchange.
  • Off-campus courses do not incur extra tuition charges unless there are special lab fees, private music lesson and practice fees, or special materials. Registration for Five College courses in any registration period is completed on TheHub through the Five College course request system. Enrollment in a course is not guaranteed until the class actually begins.
  • Students follow the Hampshire College academic calendar dates and deadlines for registering, dropping, and withdrawing from Five College courses.
  • If a student fails to enroll properly in a Five College course by the appropriate deadline, the other colleges will not permit enrollment uness the student has been granted an exception through the late add justification process. This process is initiated in central records.
  • For year-long courses, students must repeat the registration process for the spring term.
  • Students taking Five College courses are subject to the grading system, calendar, and academic honor system of the institution where they are taking the course, and must take all exams at the time scheduled. Some instructors in the other four institutions will provide a written evaluation in addition to (not in place of) the required grade, on request. A Five College grading system is used by the Five Colleges. Students may be graded on a 14-point system (A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, etc.) when taught by Five College–appointed faculty. Students with questions about a grade received should contact the professor of the course.
  •  Five College grading policies and practices vary from institution to institution including policies on granting incompletes. Students should check with the instructor if they think they may want to petition for an incomplete course.
  • Note that courses graded S/U (satisfactory/unsatisfactory are converted to a pass/fail system at Hampshire.
  • Division III students who enroll in off-campus courses to fulfill advanced educational activities that extend beyond Hampshire graduation deadlines should be aware that formal awarding of the degree will be delayed if confirmation of course completion is not received prior to commencement.