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Division I


Division I is designed for exploration and for learning new ways of working across a wide range of critical, scientific, and creative approaches through Hampshire’s transdisciplinary curriculum. Students learn and practice academic, interpersonal, and collaborative skills to engage in meaningful work with others, including community engaged learning (CEL-1). Students are supported to develop skills for engaging in project-based learning, deepening their ability to pose and pursue authentic questions through collaborative or mentored projects. Students are mentored by advisors who guide them through the selection of courses. They are also mentored through advising networks of students, staff, and faculty. 

Because project-based work is an important component of Hampshire’s pedagogy, students take an active role in their learning. They deepen their ability to ask and answer authentic questions, sparking a love of learning and preparing them for a well-conceived individualized concentration of studies in Division II. Division I is the first two semesters of enrollment, during which time students' advisors will periodically review academic progress to identify developing areas of strength as well as indicators of the need for further study.

Note for first-year entrants with advanced standing: carefully read the advanced standing description and contact CASA with questions.

Note for transfer entrants: the rules for completing Division I are significantly different than those for first year entrants. Students should refer to the Transfer Policy for information and contact CASA with questions.