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Division II Requirements

There are three other requirements that students fulfill during Division II (semesters 3 - 6) in addition to fulfilling the requirements agreed upon between students and committees documented in Division II contracts.
Race and Power Requirement for Division II
Students are required to build an awareness of race in relation to methodology and epistemology. Every student is expected to critically reflect on the role of race in perpetuating inequality in the disciplines, practices and interdisciplinary areas of knowledge that they specialize in during their DIvision II studies.
Community Engaged Learning (CEL-2)
The Community Engaged Learning - 2 (CEL-2) requirement encourages students to build community on and off campus in order to help address critical needs, as defined by communities and organizations while advancing their own learning.
Division II Projects Course
Students are required to undertake a substantial supported project during Division II (semesters 3-6) .