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Outcomes for Smoking Policy Violations


The following actions will likely be taken for students found responsible for violations of the Campus Smoking Policy:

  • First violation - Warning.
  • Second violation - Administrative hearing with a student life member. Possible educational sanctions such as review of fire safety policies, video's and/or health-based programs. 
  • Third violation - Probation and one or more of the following at the discretion of the administrator hearing officer or board: community service, educational project, deferred housing restrictions status
  • Fourth violation - Removal from campus housing. (For students living off campus, Probation may be extended with additional sanctions applied.)

For residential communities (floors, mods, etc.) where smoking is occurring and individuals are not identified, community discussion circles may be required as well as other outcomes at the discretion of the residence life coordinator.

Conduct meeting administrators have the right to deviate from these sanctioning guidelines if after meeting with a student a different path would be more beneficial to the student’s or the community’s growth and success.

The following actions will be taken for employees found responsible for violations of the smoking policy:

  • First violation - Verbal reminder
  • Second violation - Verbal warning from supervisor; referral to educational materials
  • Third violation - Written warning from supervisor; referral to educational coaching/counseling
  • Fourth violation - Referral by supervisor to Human Resources

Contractors and/or vendors
All contractors and/or vendors are obligated to follow the campus smoking policy. All contractors and/or vendors should defer to policies and procedures from their employer for holding employees accountable for workplace policy violations.