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XII. Prevention and Awareness Programs


The College is committed to the prevention of Sexual Misconduct, Relationship Violence, and Stalking through education and awareness programs. Incoming students and new employees receive primary education and prevention training as part of their orientation, and returning employees and students receive ongoing training and related programs.

The College has designated the Title IX coordinator and deputy Title IX coordinators with oversight of providing education, prevention and training programs as required by Title IX, Clery and VAWA, which is primarily conducted out of our Prevention & Education Office. The Prevention & Education Office supports the Hampshire community in addressing these educational needs through awareness building activities across campus and through a variety of educational opportunities to engage in dialogue and learning about sexual harm.

Resources and referrals are available within the office of Prevention & Education. This includes non-clinical confidential support for Title IX related areas; which can be accessed by reaching out to Jenny Kurtz at

The Hampshire College's campus safety and wellbeing office is another resource that offers safety information including: locations of call boxes and 911 telephones, transportation services, programs and workshops offered by campus safety & wellbeing staff on sexual assault prevention, and general safety tips.

Examples of prevention and education programs for students include:

  • “The Not Anymore” online sexual violence primary prevention program:  This is a required online training for all new students each fall. The program sheds light on the realities and misconceptions of a variety of areas including sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking and consent. The session also provide links to College policies and resources, and focuses on preparing students to be able to identify risk factors and resources when dealing with these issues. Contact Jenny Kurtz at for more information.
  • “Bystander Intervention-Every Choice (refresher)”:  Our returning students receive an online “refresher” training on bystander intervention that covers a variety of topics including consent and healthy relationships. Contact Jenny Kurtz at for more information.
  • What Can I do? How to be a Pro Social Bystander?: This is required orientation program for all incoming students. Utilizing the step-up model, this orientation workshop supports students in developing common language and skills to safely intervene in situations that could potentially lead to personal or interpersonal harm through scenarios and discussion to support a community of prosocial bystandership.  Contact Jenny Kurtz at for more information.
  • Bystander Intervention Programs at Hampshire College: Bystander intervention programs are designed to provide knowledge and skills to individuals who observe or witness a situation that could potentially perpetuate violence, and teaches them how to intervene proactively with the safest possible outcome. This approach gives community members concrete tools and common language to support cultural norming for how we inter-relate and support one another within a community lens and response. These programs encourage confidence to speak out, call-in others, and do something when addressing behaviors or actions that support rape culture or perpetuate harm unto others.  These trainings include level 1 learning on Bystander intervention, but also include level 2 learning such as undoing bias trainings on microaggressions, and community awareness building activities that increase awareness/values in bystander intervention.  These trainings are available to faculty and staff as well, upon request. For more information, to request a training or to become involved, contact Jenny Kurtz at
  • Awareness Months: Though activities are done throughout the year to involve the Hampshire community in being proactive to address these areas of interests; heightened opportunities to build awareness on sexual harm occurs during October (Relationship Violence Awareness Month/Domestic Violence Awareness Month) and April (Sexual Assault Awareness Month). These months are opportunities for the Hampshire community to get involved, learn, and become active within these areas that require community interests, understanding, and response to shift culture around sexual harm, and promote cultures free of violence. This includes activities like Denim Day, the clothespin project, and more.

The College is committed to maintaining an education and employment environment free from harassment and discrimination and offers regular and ongoing education and awareness programs through the Prevention & Education Office. For more information, reach out to Jenny Kurtz at

Employee training on responsible reporting for sexual assault, relationship violence, and harassment, and College policies and procedures, is provided to new employees as part of their orientation and it is expected that continuing employees receive this training once a year.  For more information on employee training, contact Jenny Kurtz, Director of Prevention & Education at