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Responsibilities of the College, Schools, and Faculty during Division III

The College
The College will provide adequate faculty supervision for students admitted to Division III in a given year. Students should be aware that the College cannot guarantee that supervision will be available for a student’s first choice of project. However, the College does have a responsibility to enable those students who complete Division II work in a given area to do a related Division III project.

The Schools
It will be the responsibility of each of the Schools to work out a system for faculty load distribution that will allow adequate supervision for Division III students working with the faculty of that School.

The Faculty
Supervision of a student’s Division III project, and/or acting as chairperson of a student’s Division III committee, is a serious teaching responsibility. Committee members should thoroughly discuss the duties of respective members and the amount of assistance the student can expect from each. Faculty should be sure that School deans are informed about their Division III supervisory loads and about the number of Division III committees on which they are serving or acting as evaluators.