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Weapons, Firearms, and Explosives

Students are prohibited from introducing, possessing, using, buying, selling, carrying, or displaying any weapon or replica. Weapons are defined as any device or substance that is designed, used, or likely to be used to cause bodily harm, or property damage.

Firearms are prohibited and defined as any gun, rifle, pistol, handgun or device designed to fire bullets, BBs, pellets, or shots (including paint balls), or other projectiles, regardless of the propellant used.

Other weapons include but are not limited to, mace, pepper spray, taser, stun guns, knives with fixed blades, switchblades, spring-loaded knives, pocket knives with blades longer than 4 inches, kitchen utensils not used for their intended purpose, martial arts weapons, bow and arrows of any type, swords, brass knuckles, sling shots, explosives, or incendiary devices such as firecrackers are strictly prohibited on campus.  

All “prop” weapons used in plays, the theater, etc., must be registered and stored at campus safety. The policy also covers any other items deemed by campus safety and wellbeing to be dangerous, including hazardous chemical or biological material of any sort. Also included are displays/collections of the above-named items, ornamental weapons and ornamental ammunition.  Any prohibited items are subject to confiscation and permanent forfeiture without any expectation of return or reimbursement.  Violators will be subject to criminal prosecution and sanctions up to and including removal from the College.