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Items Prohibited in the Residences

  • The building or installation of “lofts,” furniture, or other structures of any kind or size, including, but not limited to, cinder-block or wooden platforms, is prohibited.
  • Waterbeds are prohibited.
  • Cooking devices are prohibited with the exception of hotpots with auto shut off and small microwave ovens. For a comprehensive description of additional fire safety regulations and other prohibited items, please see the fire safety policy.
  • Additions to, modifications of, and unauthorized connections to existing wiring systems (electrical, telephone, data, television, radio, cable/dish) or other utilities are prohibited.
  • The installation of air conditioners or other objects in windows is prohibited.
  • Pets, with the exception of approved service and emotional support animals, are prohibited in the residences. You can view the full policy on pets, service, and support animals on campus.
  • Weapons, whether real or replica, are prohibited, please see the full weapons, firearms, & explosives policy for details.